Monday 5 October 2015

cakap cakap....executive decisions!

This morning, as my mornings usually are, I had to make some executive decisions on what had to be done first. The sink was pile high with undone dishes from the night before, there were clothes waiting to be washed, I needed to be washed too, my wife was stirring from sleep, the bottles of drinking water in the fridge needed topping up with boiled water and so did the ice tray, the rubbish and the recycling bin were waiting to be emptied, the cat meowing to be fed, the beds had to be made, the washing left overnight to dry were now dry and waiting to be put away...and all that had to be done BEFORE I powered on my MAC to bring me up to speed as to what Putin had done in Syria while I was sleeping (plenty!).

I can report that I started with wishing my wife "Good Morning" and within the hour, finished whatever it was that I had to do....and last but not least, was able to power on my MAC and, as I suspect, Putin was already putting into action what he said he will do in Syria : blast ISIS to kingdom come!        

Now where were we? Ahh yes...executive decisions! 

Those of us who do housework (including members of the supposedly weaker sex!) know that what we do EVERYDAY...I repeat EVERYDAY....requires for us to plan and methodically carry out those everyday tasks with a precision that matches the preciseness of soldiers on parade. You give the orders to yourself to do the necessary because no one else will do so if you do not....and once you have started there is no rest until you have not only washed the dishes, but also dry them and put the dishes away! 

Then and only then do you treat yourself to that cup of Nescafe or, in my case, power on my MAC to do what I love doing...start work on my blog! Its now 10.51pm and already this will be my third posting this I will finish this piece for now and post it on to steadyaku47...and then start on the serious stuff.....hantaming the politicians in bolehland!   

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