Friday 2 October 2015

Jeesha King Dhano : I am an Indian. I am proud of my race.

steadyaku47 comment : Kelohan saorang India.

Jeesha King Dhanoa

I had enough of this racial issue wildly spreading in this Country. 

Today I was physically assaulted by an uneducated Malay woman in her 50's because of my race. She brutally punched me saying that she is sick of looking at Kelings in this Country and told me to go back to where I originated from. 

The issue was initially about her ramming into my parked car but in the end, the issue gradually turned racial...she just kept saying horrible disgusting things and foul words about Indians and claimed that all 'Kelings' like myself should drop dead. 

I am an Indian. 

I am proud of my race. 

I dont deserve to be treated like this just because of the color of my skin. 

Malaysia does'nt belong to MALAYS. It belongs to everyone that resides in this Country. Malays should stop being in denial. Fyi, you people actually originate from Indonesia.

Enough is enough. 

She's doomed and I am going ensure that this woman is taught a lesson. For those Malays in my fb list who happens to be extremists and racists as well, please get out of my list. I cant stand shallow minded uncivilized people like this. Enough of non Malays being treated like this! Enough. Respect us non malays!! Please share n spread this post showing her number plate. Apparently she hails from Lumut, Perak.

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