Saturday 3 October 2015

Has Kit Siang the moral courage to declare may the best person be PM should Pakatan Harapan ever win a GE? I think not!

There are a few things that we need to talk about without fear or favor. You may say that the Internet is not the place to talk of things that we feel strongly about. Things on which we may differ in substance and in fact. Of things that are best discussed within the confines and privacy of four walls, among old friends and those with whom we share a common empathy with on matters close to our heart....race, religion, and possibly Anwar Ibriahim, Najib, Hadi or even Mahathir. And even among friends that we have known all our life we would still need to know what we can or what we should talk about lest we intrude into their personal space which they would prefer to keep private.  

But I have no such limits when I speak with me, myself and I. Today we want to talk about Anwar Ibrahim. 

And there have been times when I waxed lyrical about the Anwar that I knew : Anwar Ibrahim...He cannot dance ...he cannot sing!

So over the years I have had my say re Anwar Ibrahim. Today, again, I want to have my say on Anwar Ibrahim because I think it is relevant in the context of the emergence of Pakatan Harapan.

Anwar Ibrahim is making Lim Kit Siang into a old fool, but nevertheless, still a fool. 

From many years back I have often wondered how it was that Kit Siang could do a back flip and think that Anwar Ibrahim should lead Pakatan Rakyat and is fit to be the prime minister of Malaysia should Pakatan Rakyat take government. This was the same Lim Kit Siang that has hantam Anwar Ibrahim from time immemorial while Anwar was in Umno.

I excused him then because I know that in politics there are times when the end justifies the means. Kit Siang was never fooled by the public facade that Anwar wanted us all to see  - neither was the late great Karpal Singh -  but both kept the faith with Anwar and went through two general elections with Anwar Ibrahim as the designated PM should they win the GE. 

Now that two general elections have been lost, Anwar is incarcerated again and Pakatan Rakayat is no more, what is Kit Siang doing again? 

Before Pakatan Harapan is off and running...he again endorses Anwar Ibrahim as the designated PM should Pakatan Harapan wins government. Really? And if Anwar Ibrahim is unable, for whatever reason, to be PM - who else then? Azizah to take his place? And if not Azizah...Nurrul to take Azizah's place? 

Enough of this nonsense! 

PKR may be a "family incorporated" entity whose rank and file are required....nay not required but are forced by Anwar Ibrahim to swear alligience to Anwar Ibrahim.....but if Pakatan Harapan is to have any credibility among those of us who now knows Anwar Ibrahim, Azizah and Nurrul only too well, then there must be a culture of meritocracy within Pakatan Harapan - a culture unclouded and unburden by any sense of entitlement by anyone, however deserved! 

I hope Kit Siang will have the moral courage to declare "may the best man/women" be PM should they ever win a GE. Kit Siang knows, better than most, that Anwar Ibrahim is not deserving of that honor - and neither is Azizah. 

Of course as a Malay I want a Malay to be prime minister but only if he is deserving of that honor and of that responsibility. If there is no Malay deserving of that honor, then I am prepared to swear allegiance to a Chinese, Indian, Dayak or Kadazan Prime Minister...unconditionally! 

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