Wednesday 7 October 2015

Anwar Ibrahim

A friend sent me this image of Anwar taken a few days back...and by any stretch of the imagination - one can see the physical difference that incarceration inflicts upon those who are unfortunate enough to be a guest of His Majesty's Prison. I have seen him better...and I have seen him worse... but always he is able to will himself to smile when he knows that his image will be winging across the world wide web within minutes of it being taken to be seen by many.

That said, I do not understand how this Najib's administration is not able to understand what an image of an poorly looking Anwar Ibrahim will do to their image! Memories of a black eyed Anwar Ibrahim being led to court comes to mind. I guess this Umno led BN regime has not learned from lessons past....or arrogance makes them blind and deaf to what others say!

As they say..a picture is worth a thousand words....these pictures of Anwar is probably worth perhaps a million?

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