Tuesday 6 October 2015

cakap cakap : HH : Too many lifetimes lived in one! Such is life!

As I looked at myself in that picture of me with Joe (a mate from MCKK days) I can really see that my hair is now all white! It was taken on a Sunday...after we had breakfast together...and we were having coffee on a terrace overlooking the Yarra River talking about days gone by and life now.   

Looking at pictures of me is, to me, like an out of body experience. I can only recognize myself because I can recognize Joe and I know that I was with Joe when the pictures were it has to be me sitting beside Joe because there was nobody else with us. 

Now I understand why my wife.... in the time when she could still talk.... would tell me that I am too old for her! Just yesterday the Nurse who came to dress her bed sores, told me "Your wife has no wrinkles...she has a nice face!"....and I did have a proper look at my wife's face...and she does not have any wrinkles on her face at age 70! 

As for me.....I no longer look too long in the mirror because the deep lines on my face tells me too much of what I have endured in life.....too many lifetimes lived in one! Such is life!  

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