Tuesday 6 October 2015

cakap cakap : Sultan Johor. Bikin serupa cakap lah!

I am amused at the antics of the Johor Royal House vis a vis the Umno led BN government. We have been informed by the Sultan that the salary provided by the BN government for him is not enough to cover his needs...not his  wants but his needs! He has to dig into his own considerable reserves to provide for his needs and his wants. Good for him that he has that reserves. His brother Sultans are not that well equipped to be able to tell the Umno led BN government to go and take a flying jump into any river - so I guess they will just as to bite their tongue and be quiet. 

If this Johor Sultan does not need the salary why does he continue to be Sultan?  Surely he will have more freedom to do as he wants as an ordinary subject. He can do business unhindered...blah blah blah....but it seems that this Sultan wants his cake and eat it too.  

Like every one else who is not beholden to Umno for anything  - money included -  - Kit Siang included - this sultan and his family are now thumbing their noses at this BN government. Well he does more than that at times...even refusing to shake the proffered hands of a BN minister!

May I suggest to the Sultan that he makes an even bolder statement and walk his talk - give up his throne and turun padang and contest the next election either as an independent or with the opposition - and once and for all really tell the BN government to go fly kites.

Among others, Anwar, Karpal, Kit Siang and Aruah Tok Guru did just that! 

Will this Johor Sultan have the gumption to bikin serupa cakap? Or is it all just cakap cakap?

And if any of this Sultan's loyal subject from Johor feels slighted by these remarks of mine...I suggest they look at the very recent history of this Johor Royal House and ask yourself if what this present Sultan is now doing in support of his Rakyat's grievances will allow you to forget what has been done by the Sultans of Johor that came before him....murder most foul, beatings, collusion with Mahathir in the dismissal of Tun Salleh Abbas....etc etc....I think not!   

Emperor Bokassa 1

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