Saturday 10 October 2015

Nazir Mahmud Khan has his say on Mahathir.

Look Najib is my number 2 hated man, so lets be clear about it and don't nobody come and say that I am protecting him. 

What I want to say here is that Dr M, during your time the AG had to get your permission to fart and that was when you were overseas. 

When the IGP wanted to eat roti canai he had to get your clearance to take it kuah taroh atas. 

Samy Vellu had to get your go ahead when he wanted to scratch his arse in a locked toilet so what's new with what Najib is doing. You fucking schooled him in everything he did.
You fucking gave him a safe passage to be a dictator and I dare say he is still not as good as you as far as dictatorship is concerned. 

Oh did I mention who my number 1 hated person is? No not Ahmad Maslan, its difficult to hate a circus, nasi goreng with ridsect eating clown. 

No prize for the correct answer coz its as obvious as Obama is not Jamal's mother.

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