Tuesday 20 October 2015

Quickies : Rosmah : Already a Household Name!

The most famous female in Malaysia is Rosmah Mansor. She is a household name!

Let me explain...anyone of you have hemorrhoids? You can use Anusol to relieve itching, irritation, burning, or discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. People worldwide associate Hemorrhoids relief with Anusol. Anusol is a household name for hemorrhoids sufferers worldwide!

In Malaysia, Rosmah is as famous, if not more famous, than Anusol! 

Please do not make any jokes that Najib should use Rosmah the same way as people use Anusol. Anusol is a rectal suppository to be used only in your rectum! Rosmah may be many things but she is NOT a rectal suppository though some of you might agree to disagree with me on this. But I digress......
Like Anusol, Rosmah too has become a household name in Malaysia!

How famous is she? 

Again let me explain: 

With Najib you usually need more than one word to define him : Port Dickson, Razak Baginda, Stupid Idiot, One MDB and some even longer - RM2.4 billion donation!

But not Rosmah!

People say that  a picture is worth a thousand words but Rosmah is so famous that you do not need any pictures to let people know that you are talking about her! Mention these words and people will smile in recognition and know right away who you are talking about: Hermes, FLOM, Permata, Milan, Bitch dan lain lain!

Rosmah takes that proverb "Behind every great man is a great women" to another level!  She asked herself "What the hell is that great women doing behind that great man?"...And so she gets in front of Najib! And here...a picture is worth a thousand words!

P.S. as to whether either of them is "great"..
we will have to leave that debate for another day!

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