Monday 5 October 2015

Kiss Me Quick!

Ahh what memories this song brings back.I do not know what it was about the song that mostly had the Chinese singing it...but it did. Maybe it was the Cha Cha Cha or the off beat Cha Cha Cha theme that was so popular with the "with it" Chinese crowd then...but to this day whenever I hear this song the image of this Chinese friend of mine (now a Charted Accountant no less!) who lives beside my grandfather's house in Kampong Kassippilay, always comes to mind.....whenever he had an audience (us!) without any prompting from any of us he will enthusiastically start singing "Kiss Me Quick" ....but only (thankfully) the first verse of the song........ahhh those were the days.

Now in as far as the "off beat cha cha" dancing was concern...that too brings back many happy memories of enthusiastic Chinese couple doing their thing on the dance floor dancing their heart and soul out! That is another story to tell ....and tell it I will when I am moved to do so.

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