Sunday 4 October 2015

Quickies : Can Someone Help me Out on this Please. Chinese preferred!

Can some Chinese guy or gal out there please tell me how this Melayu would be able to know whether a Chinese name belongs to a male or female Chinese. Ok lah you may say that I am kurang cerdik for asking this question but I truly do not know how to do can tell or cannot?

  • SY Goh
    SY Goh

    In the olden days Chinese names follow a lineage. This is to keep the family tree alive. So wherever we are we can trace back to our ancestors by our lineage character in our name. This has somewhat changed over time n modern couples do not follow the ancestral core character in naming their off- springs. I hope this can help u to understand a bit of Chinese naming.

Andrew Ho

14 hours ago  -  Extended circles
Hahahah.....sometimes Chinese also can't make out, but usually you can... those with names that ends with Mei, Ling, Hua usually female (Mei Ling, Mei Mei, Mei Hua, Wan Chee, Ai Mei, Ai Ling, etc)....things that are feminine. Boys usually get names taht are more manly, like Loong (Dragon), Chai (Male), etc (Siew Loong, Ah Chai, Ah Loong, Ah Man, Sze Loong, etc). My 2 cents because I am also not an expert.

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