Saturday 17 October 2015

The Ugly Malaysian...

Wartawan jalanan
Rakaman CCTV menunjukan seorang lelaki memukul seorang bangla yang tengah cuci kereta kerana marah bangla masuk dalam kereta dan menyebabkan keretanya kotor. kemudian tidak mahu membayar sebaliknya meminta wang rm1000 kerana duduk dan mengotorkn keretanya ketika mengelap cermin...

steadyaku47 comment : What will PDRM do?

This is the misplaced sense of "entitlements" that many Malaysian feel they have just because they are driving around in a decent car, just because of their pangkat  or position in life!. For me these kind of human beings...or animals masquerading as human beings....should be shamed and punished for hitting another human being for no other reason than because they think they can do so and get away with it. Let us share this video with as many of our friends as we can and make it viral - so that PDRM will have no other option but to go and look for this bastard and make him understand what he cannot do to another human being. Damm bastard!

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