Monday 2 January 2012

Pakatan Rakyat : Dulu, kini dan selama lamanya?

What did Petra said that has not been said before? Nothing. Elek. Zilch. And yet the main stream media (MSM) went into overdrive and was able to spin the whole “RPK exposure” into a supposedly deadly projectile that wounded the opposition and baited its attendant islands into a frenzy of denials and outright claims of lies and slander made by RPK. It goaded many into hurried damage control and defense mechanism mode to minimize damage to DSAI, to PKR and to all things Pakatan Rakyat.

But really people what new news has RPK brought from London to Singapore and from thence to you all in Malaysia and then to me in Adelaide? All things considered what upset me most was the arrogance displayed by RPK in giving that interview! More arrogant then Nazri Aziz, then KJ or even the great man himself, Mahathir! But then that has been RPK style all along - so what's me worry?

Apart from the arrogance displayed by RPK nothing else interest me enough to want to sit down and dash of my comments to what he said onto my blog quick smart.

I read about it at around 10 p.m. in FMT on Sunday night. Slept on it and it was only after I read about Haris Ibrahim resignation because of what Haris alleged RPK said and did, at around 6 p.m. today – then and only then did it move me to write. And that to, to write more on Haris resignation as President of MCLM then on what RPK said in the MSM.        

When all is said and done the only revelations that RPK made that was unknown to me was the prosecution insistence for a free hand in the sodomy two case. Everything else I know. And if I know then I am sure you too know! 

That PKR is having problems. Check. 
That Azmin is having problems. Check. 
That Nurrul is talked about as the next Messiah. Check. 
That Anwar is guilty. Check. 
That Anwar was in the Carcosa tapes. Check. 
That Anwar will be found guilty. Check. 
Bribery in Selangor. Check. 
Anwar may become irrelevant. Check. 
Rights group not a third force. Check-there are a work in progress! 
Anwar morally unfit to become PM. Go check my blog - I have been saying this from way back when! Check!

And the response is also predictable. Raja Petra adalah blogger upahan UMNO!

But Haris Ibrahim’s resignation as President of MCLM is a durian runtuh for UMNO and Barisan Nasional….and this I guess, will overshadow whatever it is that RPK has said in Singapore these last few days…..which really brought matters back to the status quo before RPK said anything to the MSM….except that we are now left without a President for MCLM. So how?

“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece!”
Willaim Shakespear  

I am now going to be a ‘bujang senang’ for a while and take a spot high above you all and watch the goings on in these next few days….as the Chinese like to say "We live in interesting times”. 

I still think those two Malay guys, Anwar and Zaid, should get together and work out something. Anything! But I am not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen!  

For the rest of us let us not forget our focus. 


  1. Hahaha! That's what I thought - Haris's resignation from MCLM is durian runtuh for Najib but will he dare dissolve Parliament tomorrow?

  2. When RPK had the interview in Singapore, did he expect or sense that Harris would resign as President of MCLM ?
    Whatever happened to RPK, with or without any motivator, only led us to question RPK's roundabout mind. Then it's ok to assume that whoever manage to lure RPK to say the things that he said, they had managed to discredit RPK.
    Now, neither PR nor BN can take this guy seriously from hereon.

  3. RPK perasan yang dia tu masih dipercayai dan dihormati. Masa itu telah berlalu.

  4. Sir, it is not what he said that bothers me but the timing of this interview and I am sure RPK knows what the MSM would do with it.

    ABU is gaining momentum, there are plenty of UMNO dirty issues being talked about (ie NFC, zakat etc) and this interview suddenly became a big distraction.

    What is RPK trying to gain from this?

    Isn't this an act of sabotage?

  5. Hussein,

    Fully understand RPK's frustrations and respect his decision...

    Of calculated psychological manipulation, especially in order to confuse or intimidate...

    Depending on which side of the Political divide...

    Enough is Enough…

    Power of the People vs People in Power...
    The reverberations of the aam aadmi’s awakening are being felt all over the world – from the right bank of the Nile to the left cheek of Sharad Pawar...

    We must accept finite disappointment, but must never lose infinite hope...
    True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice...
    We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, It must be demanded by the oppressed – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    What is the purpose of our call for ABU ? To reduce Ketuanan UMNO/BN’s majority!

    This should be our focus and objective and not be lured into these Diversions by the Ketuanan UMNO/BN Leaders, Mini Napoleons, Cronies, Machais, etc

    Let us all pass on the message of ABU to make it reverberate into the citizen’s and nation’s battlecry for Rule of Law, Justice, Freedom & Human Rights

    Shalom & God Bless.

  6. Actually, the RPK message was very clear, but the mainstream media was AGAIN gullible to use his interview to the maximum.

    RPK knows that the current system will find Anwar guilty.

    And RPK wants the ABU movement (including Pakatan) to prepare now (its very crucial) to move on to speed up the displacement of BN, even without Anwar factor.

    In other words, so what if Anwar is found guilty - Pakatan and ABU still have the determination and drive to prepare fully to take on BN and march towards Putrajaya.

    That exactly what he wants ABU to focus on.

    The Free Anwar movement will exhaust valuable resources and efforts that could instead be used to displace BN in the elections.


    Do you all get the message?


  7. I liked to be naive and believe that RPK is trying to wean the rakyat off Anwar Ibrahim.

    Just like trying to get a child to forego his pacifier.

    Better now than never.

    As a matter of fact, personally, I have decided to vote for Anything But Barisan ... (yes, even if they put a pee-pot to stand against Barisan, I will vote for the pee-pot. Anwar does not figure in my decision anymore. He can go to jail for all I care.

  8. Yeap, agree nothing new, sad truth is the rakyats intelligence is in question as the right to vote seems to be the pivotal point in these days, where all political Whores get their runners to register and convince the need to be registered and vote ABU. Ok these are the same idiots that fail to rationalize RPK statements urging Malaysians to be smart and wake up to their rights to have the check and balance on the devils/frogs and clowns as well as jesters and prostitutes they vote for based on their politically bias outlook. Hey maybe one needs to stop and think that RPK has GIVEN UP talking and urging all of US that are too hypocritical, self centered and tainted with cultural, racial and religious beliefs that make his ideals, strive and commitments all this years a big letdown. I say Thank you RPK for your effort; guess the lots of us here are ignorant of what is needed to make this country Malaysia GREAT again. Happy New Year 2012

  9. Dear RCK,you are spot on Bro,we need a wake up call,God it's so easy to comment on what RPK supposedly meant,Haris's has been a good president for MCLM but (as my discussion with my friend this morning) the message is not truly passed down to the people(MCLM's),there's just not enough awakening on behalf of the people towards MCLM's objective,what RPK said has been said b4 like what abg Hussein's trying to say all these years,Check,now we go an ABU,check.Get PR's act together(hopefully in the process) check,wake up people,don't be too emotional.

  10. RPK mana tahu dosa pahala. He only thinks that his blue blood makes him above the rest... pooraaaaah.

  11. Dear Steadyaku.

    This is typical of Malaysian lah....Without researching and understanding the issue, they will start jumping up and down .Poorah stupid malaysians


  12. I speculate that RPK's opnions in this recent interview is to WAKE UP ANWAR and the Selangor MB out of their slumber. These 2 MUST wake up and start to "administer and rule" and show real leadership qaulities, instead sitting on their bums and let their deputies ran wild.

    The majority of Malaysians, as usual, are very good at passing judgment and comments, and are extremely excellent in sitting back and let a few others perform their donkey work for them,whilst hoping and waiting to reap the rewards. Most Malaysians are typically SELFISH and only care for themselves. It is OK for them to give bribes and the excuse is that they only cari makan. Look at the general behaviour of MOST Malaysians, the way they drive, double park, arrogant, always kiasu, rude, etc

  13. TOTALLY agree with RCK...........".idiots that fail to rationalize RPK statements urging Malaysians to be smart and wake up to their rights to have the check and balance on the devils/frogs and clowns as well as jesters and prostitutes they vote for based on their politically bias outlook. Hey maybe one needs to stop and think that RPK has GIVEN UP talking and urging all of US that are too hypocritical, self centered and tainted with cultural, racial and religious beliefs that make his ideals, strive and commitments all this years a big letdown. I say Thank you RPK for your effort; guess the lots of us here are ignorant of what is needed to make this country Malaysia GREAT again."

  14. HH,
    Happy New Year and what resounding articles to start the year with!

    Perhaps the suspicious lot should go back to Haris's blog to read his latest article that clears the air.

    How apt one commentator was to describe Petra's selfless actions akin to weaning PKR off the Anwar pacifier.

    Come Jan 9th, AA is going to lead you lot into trouble over the verdict. To avoid looking like fools and losing serious credibility, Nurul must take over at the helm and rein the emotional tide that will make or break the party. Your call Nurul. Good luck!

  15. Petra and you is just about the only one who has always been consistent with regard to PR,BN or anything for that matter....and like what anon 7 38 said...Malaysian being who they are,without thinking and researching,they will start jumping up and down.......what a bunch of hypocrites.

  16. Some of you have forgotten that the President of PKR is Mrs Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah - is still alive and kicking(if she needs to). Anwar Ibrahim is technically an 'Advisor of PKR'.

    Azmin Ali needs to behave, he better be, and don't think he has the majority support in PKR.

  17. There are some attempts to analyse RPK's revelations during his interview with the MSM and one even began his comment by saying " I speculate....".

    I remember once RPK wrote about keeping everything simple; KISS he said, Keep it simple, stupid or whatever that begins with 's'.

    There are nothing to read between the lines guys. Nothing to 'rationalise' (another word used by a commentator)or speculate.

    What this half breed said in his interviews are put plainly and simply like he always does. That is why he has a sizeable following.

    It is clear as daylight that he plans to create doubt in PKR and PKR means Anwar and Selangor.Rest are background music. When PKR is out of the equation, Pakatan is doomed.

    People who think that RPK allowed himself to become front page news FOC must have their brains on their knees (to quote the UMNO Ptuuuii gang).Would you believe Shah Rukh Khan sings for free in KL Convention Centre?

  18. News have been flowing fast & furious as we finish 2011 and enter 2012. Poison pen letter against Nurrul Izzah while we wait for her father's fate. RPK stating the obvious and flying into a firestorm. Haris Ibrahim resigning in response to this (see his latest posting & replies to comments - ie. the world goes on with or without RPK). Zaid meeting RPK in Thailand, then talk about him going back to PKR to strengthen the party with NIA post 901. NIA as possible PM. The Tanjung Malim student protest.

    UMNO, PAS & PKR to a certain extent represent Malay interest & politics here. But the list in 2012goes on, Dato. Mohd. Ariff Sabri & Aspan Alias joining DAP to "Malay-nize" the party while MCA, MIC & Gerakan sit on the sidelines watching & waiting for the dust to settle as the main players slug it out. Although stirrings are beginning in East Malaysia but it has not built momentum.

    The key-players revolving in the last two weeks events fall on the Malay newsmakers (RPK, Haris, Sakmongkol etc)& the Malay based parties - the shifting of chess pieces. Semua dah jadi kalam kabut sebelum post-DSAI scenario - jocking to fill the vacuum.

    The battle is on!! As seen by joining these dots, every Malaysian will have one man, one vote to choose BUT the need for a united Malay agenda is crucial for a Malaysian agenda. As Karim Raslan's poignant article in The Star today, it’s not just a cultural war but a class war between Malays, again proving that WE, the Rakyat respect Malay leadership & the need for good governance. However, if these struggles by self-interested politicians & individuals shatter the mirror beyond our common & individual identity (this is what makes Malaysia truly Asia) to try to fill this leadership vacuum by hook or crook, then it will be beyond repair.

    Selamat Tahun Baru Tuan HH!! Semoga Tuhan akan memberi anda hikmat & rahmat untuk perjuangan memulih negara kami!!


  19. Dear Datuk, me thinks RPK and Haris has made the greatest political strategy move of all time. The path to Putrajaya is controlled by those who control Sabah and Sarawak. The East Malaysia must be conquered. However, those fellows wont allow Haris to enter these states because he is MCLM President. So Haris need a good reason to resign and RPK sacrificed himself, yet again, to provide Haris the cause.
    Salutations to RPK for his greatest sacrifice, yet again, for Malaysia!

  20. To me, no one is indespensible. The morality of DSAI is of no importance to me. I will choose any leader who is fair to all, competent, not corrupted, transparent, not racist, not tyranical and would not abuse his power. You don't find these traits among umno's leaders. So, meanwhile we vote ABU.