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Above all people must have respect (aka dignity) and freedom of choice, especially freedom of personal choice.

steadyaku47: interesting write up about Jordan that has relevance to the situation in malaysia today...and the comment from blogger Syed Akbar Ali that follows also has relevance to Malaysia today. 

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jordan Is Up Next

Is anyone wondering why I keep repeating these horror stories about other countries? Please take note that I do highlight plenty of 'happy stories' from other countries as well. If it is good it is good. If it is bad it is bad. 

However there must be a method to the madness. It is actually about us. I dont think I am going to win any Emmys or Bookers for what I say. But I am after that little piece of ethereal mass that lies between your ears. 

What is happening in other countries (the bad countries or the good countries) can easily be made to happen here.  It depends on one thing only - do you want it to happen or not? The trick is in knowing what is good and what is bad. That depends on what has been fed into that space between our ears.

Presently in our country there is a huge hole in many peoples' heads which prevents them from differentiating between what is bad and what is good. Too many people uphold too many bad things, many of which are pure satanisms. But they think they are the good guys. 

So my purpose, the method to the madness, is perhaps to highlight what is good and what is satanic. I think satanic has a bigger oomph to it. If you say, 'You are doing something not good' or if you say, 'You are doing something bad' people may not care to listen.

But if you say, 'Woi setan !! Ko jangan buat kerja setan tau!!' then they may stop and listen a little bit more. 

Here is news about Jordan. There is 'kerja setan' going on in Jordan as well. Here it is. This is an article by one Basel Bataineh, a Jordanian.


Jordan will change sooner or later, and supporting a new regime must be discussed behind closed doors and in public. 

As a Jordanian, I cannot help but be perplexed by the way some journalists portray Jordan as an island of calm amid the Arab Spring. 

That is very far from true; Jordan is not calm at all.  Let’s do the math: 
  • Jordan started off the new year 2014 with a man being beheaded –al-Qaida-style – before his children at his home in downtown Amman. The motive for the cruel murder is still unknown. 
  • Jordan has also had six running gun battles at five state universities.
  • Jordan’s interstate connecting Zarqa (east) to the rest of the world was closed down by tribesmen protesting the king’s confiscation of their lands
  • robbers in the south held bus passengers hostage and stole their belongings... and the list goes on.  All this is within just one week of 2014.

This crime level is unprecedented in Jordan and manifests as outbreaks of violence, and lack of state power and rule of law, as well as public resentment of the king himself

Jordan’s social media could easily demonstrate that Jordanians from all backgrounds are angry, frustrated, hungry and extremely provoked by King Abdullah II and his wife, Queen Rania.

most Jordanians want dignity and bread, not one without the other.

Do the pro-Abdullahists have any good reason for thinking the Arab Spring will never make it to Jordan? To make it simple to them and everyone else: Jordan is a pressure cooker that has been overheated and is about to explode. 

On the outside things might look OK, but when it explodes in everyone’s face, it will be painful, ugly and unmanageable. 

It is safe to assume that the intelligence establishments do observe Jordan closely and know what is really happening. 

Let me set out the facts, which I believe shall become public knowledge soon. The majority of Jordanian East Bankers, of whom I am one, are no longer loyal to Jordan’s king; in fact they have been leading the protests against him.

Also, the East Bankers no longer see Jordan’s Palestinian majority as a threat to their existence. What was the threat, actually? We have been a minority in our own country since 1948, when the Hashemites occupied the West Bank and forced Palestinians to become Jordanian citizens. 

The so-called “demographic threat” for us is no longer a concern; we lost that battle a long time ago. 

Now, most of us just want a way out from under the oppression of the king, which we suffer along with the Palestinians.

most Jordanian East Bankers do not care who rules Jordan after Abdullah’s fall; be it an East Banker, Palestinian, Syrian or Circassian

most Jordanians would not mind as long as we live in prosperity and have our political and human rights fully restored.

Under this king, we have none.

US must realize that Jordan’s current king is yesterday’s news, and must prepare for his replacement.

A revolution in Jordan will happen sooner or later. It could come after six months or two years, but it is coming, guaranteed.

It is no longer a secret that Jordan’s army is under the direct influence of the US, which finances it with up to $400 million a year. 

Thus, the army is not likely to support the king when he falls 

most Jordanians and Palestinians are unified against the king. 

Queen Rania is still hated equally by both Jordanians and Palestinians in Jordan, who dub her “Jordan’s Marie Antoinette.”

Jordan will change sooner or later, and supporting a new regime must be discussed behind closed doors and in public. 

The hoped-for regime must be a secular one, and provide economic prosperity, reasonable democracy and human rights to all Jordanians – and having zero tolerance for terrorism and its preachers.

Basel Bataineh is an East Bank Jordanian and a member of the Jordanian Coalition of Opposition.

My comments :  People must have bread to eat, comfortable homes to live in and affordable and quality transportation. But above all people must have respect (aka dignity) and freedom of choice, especially freedom of personal choice. They really do not need anything else. You mess with any of these and it becomes satanic. 

The religious satans are frequently messing with peoples' personal choices. That is satanic. They want to play 'god'. They want to to tell you what they think their 'god' told them to do, as though their 'god' speaks to them directly on their handphones. These are the real satans. The people of kufur. This is happening in Jordan now, among the corrupt leaders, the cronies, the religious hangers on who are after money (and nothing else) and also the weirdos and beardos who are waiting in the sidelines to pounce on a fresh kill. Doomed.

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