Thursday 16 January 2014

Let us see, between UMNO and DAP, who will win the race to the bottom of Malaysia’s political cesspool. Compared to these two, PKR is a child still learning to walk!

DAP, MCA, Gerakan, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Chuah Soi Lek….what does it matter? These are all Chinese politicians to me. Whatever parties they join, no matter who they support, whatever they do.....they all have one agenda and one agenda only. The getting of political power for with  political power all their ships would have come home to roost.

I am no racist but if you cannot see what is being done in Penang by a surging tide that is  the DAP state government bent upon making Penang a Chinese stronghold - then you are either simple minded, deaf, blind or all three. They way they are going to make Penang their own is much like a bull raging in a China shop. No finesse, no attempts at being subtle…...just a state government intent upon doing what the electorate in Penang have elected them to do – making Penang a Chinese state and doing it by economic and political ethnic cleansing – and being cleaned out are not only the Malays but every other conceivable ethnicity other than the Chinese.

When and where will all this end?

It will end when the Malays wake up again to the threats around them…and Penang is one of the immediate threats around them. I am not forgetting what UMNO is doing today to make Malaysia 1Melayu – I have said enough about this over and over again – and as much as I am against what UMNO is doing to make Malaysia 1Melayu I also abhor what DAP is doing in Penang and what Kit Siang and Family are doing to DAP.

A Malaysian Political entity indeed! 

DAP is as much a Malaysian Political entity as UMNO is one! But UMNO makes no pretense of being one. UMNO stands up for all to see and announce to the world that the Malays are their priority and it is the lot of the Malays that UMNO is championing.

Not DAP! And the pity of it all is that there are Malays and Indians in DAP that have been hoodwinked into believing that they do have a place in DAP. What has been happening in DAP is abundantly clear to all of us who are able to think for ourselves.

Is there any indication that Kit Siang is even thinking of relinquishing his choking hold over DAP? Zilch! Zero! Kosong! What is happening in DAP today and has been happening all this while is that it has become more ‘close’ than UMNO is. At least in the time that Kit Siang has been in control of DAP there has been changes in UMNO that indicates that no family can dominate UMNO for any prolong period of time. Not so in DAP. 

Are you going to tell me that there is no body in DAP capable of leading DAP other than Kit Siang, his family and cronies? And you want to hantam Mahathir for not relinquishing his hold over UMNO for 22 years? 

Is it not time that we call DAP for what it is? A family dynasty that will, for the foreseeable future, continue unabated. Of course it is an effective political dynasty that has more than proven its electoral strength….but nevertheless it is still a family dynasty. If the peple in DAP are happy the way it is then it is their choice to be so….but that does not in any way makes it not be a political party where nepotism of the highest order is the reality.  

Let us see, between UMNO and DAP, who will win the race to the bottom of Malaysia’s political cesspool. Compared to these two, PKR is a child still learning to walk! 

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