Wednesday 22 January 2014

These UMNO guys treat Malay Rulers the same way that Shahidan treats the Malay girls he impregnated when he was MB.

Today I see that UMNO and six NGOs – namely Perkasa, Kelab Warisan (Keris), Malaysian Association for Youth Clubs (MAYC), Almuni 4B, SPU District Youth Council and Mimbar Permuafakatan Ibubapa Malaysia (Mapim) Penang have lodged police reports against lawyer Edmund Bon and “Rejimen Anarki” a Facebook account holder, for  insulting the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Malay rulers. Huh? 

These UMNO guys treat Malay Rulers the same way that Shahidan treats the Malay girls he impregnated when he was MB. Shahidan uses the girls for his personal raging sexual needs, impregnate them and then discard them. The same way as our former Chief Justice treated Hayati the second wife he married in Thailand without the permission of his first wife – use Hayati and then discard her when she became a problem for him.

For UMNO the Malay Rulers and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong are a necessary evil to be used and discarded as and when needed. And the pity of it all is that these Rulers and the Agong do not mind being used because for them the trade off is worth it. They still get to stay on as Rulers with all the perks  - a "you scratch my back and I scratch your back" arrangement that will endure in as long as these Rulers do as asked by UMNO. They have learnt that to do otherwise will earn the wrath of the hand that feeds them…they remember what Mahathir did to them only too well.

In as far as these NGOs are concern let us just label them for what they really are – the running dogs of UMNO.

You do not have to instigate public hatred against Malay rulers! There is already public hatred amongst many Malaysian against the Rulers who are essentially parasites living off the Rakyats hard earned money doing nothing for the nation or our people.  

Was it not UMNO who embarked on a grand road trip across the nation to shame the Sultan for abusing the privileges accorded to them and ultimately stripping them of their immunity and many of those privileges. Where were these NGOs then? Would I be insulting the Malay now if I repeat what UMNO said of the Rulers then?   

Let us call a spade a spade. UMNO and the NGO’s are bringing the Malay Rulers into the ALLAH issue because they know that this issue is slowly but surely unraveling to their disadvantage. Malaysian know what this ALLAH issue is all about…an attempt to deflect our attention at the dire state of nation that has been mismanaged and abused by the UMNO led BN government for too long a time. A nation that is now on its knees without any immediate hope for recovery……and to make matters worse, global attention has started to focus on the absurdity of not allowing ALLAH to be used by anyone else but Muslims.

Who else will UMNO use to keep them in power? They have used Malays and the non-Malays, use their religion, their Sultans, our money and everything else to save their wretched selves from losing political power. I hope to God that these NGOs, our King and the Malay rulers wake up to the indignity that UMNO have put them through just to serve their own political agenda. 

Look around you and you will see that UMNO has started a tsunami that it has no control over and that tsunami is slowly but surely going to surge over them soon…and I for one will say that it cannot come too soon! 

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