Tuesday 14 January 2014


Can’t this guy get anything right? Why does’nt somebody advise him to stop making a fool of himself? Or is it an occupational hazard he relishes? He is educated. His pedigree puts many of us to shame. He has around him and at his beck and call many many advisers and consultants that costs more than an arm or a leg. And yet time and time again he makes a fool of himself by the things he does and the things he said.

And this week he talks about the price of kankung! Dear God why why why? Is the drop in the price of kankung going to shift the center of the universe? Will it have repercussions on the state of our nation? Does the drop in its price now mean we are no longer in economic free fall to oblivion as prices of essentials rise even as income stagnates and the value of the ringgit falls? Are we to expect a rally on the stock markets, a drop in the price of motor vehicles and income tax…..or will Hermes handbags now be within a price range affordable to the masses?      

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