Tuesday 21 January 2014

cakap cakap...why I blog.

I have been working on steadyaku47 for five years. My first posting on 19th January 2009 – five years yesterday - was a short note on wisdom.

Monday, January 19, 200
Age does not always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone...I do not really know where I stand on that one. Maybe, just maybe in my old age that does not matter much

 And the next was on Mahathr:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
A sad old man. Tun your time is over. You should really be in a retirement home by now. Are we an ungrateful lot that has forgotten your contributions to the Nation? No we have not. When all is said and done you and your Family, your Friends have been well rewarded financially for the services you have rendered to the Nation. Some will say too well rewarded, but who are we to say, that is how the cookies crumbles. You have made mistakes and you have to live with the mistakes you made. It pains me to see you know - a pathetic and at times articulate old man being used by others for their own gains. Tun we understand your worry that UMNO and Barisan glory days are gone (there are some among us who are grateful that it is so!!!) that your legacies are being ravaged and left adrift (Proton, Putrajaya etc) that the crooked bridge project have been cancelled AFTER money has been paid by u know who to u know who...but in spite or should I say despite all this, our affection for you remains. Live what is left of your life without too much rancor or hate for those that now control UMNO - it is their time and they will reap what they sow (Pak Lah will leave in March barring any miracles happening). It is far better that you retire with grace and tell yourself "I have done my best"....though there will be some amongst us that will insists that your best was not good enough. Your work is done. 
20th January 2009.

My views on wisdom and Mahathir has not changed from that time.

After 4909 postings, 2.8 million clicks and over 20,000 Emails from those who have an opinion on what I write, let me tell you why I blog.

The reason I do so is because I have something to say and I am able to put what I want to say in words that I want to share with others. I am not pro Barisan Nasional or  pro Pakatan Rakyat or pro anything. The sums of my life lived in Malaysia, London and Australia shape my thoughts when I write. The essence of what I write is me being a Malaysian first, a Malay when I need to find an alter ego to give some depth to what I write and some one who has lived abroad and seen how people in other countries live their life different from us when there is a need to understand what is possible if our people have leaders who are good, responsible and decent human beings.  

How did I come up with ‘steadyaku47’ ? The ‘steady’ part is what I want to say to a neurosurgeon when he operates – especially if the brain he is operating on is mine! So I tell him to ‘steady lah doc’. Now why the aku after steady? When I started blogging I was so computer challenged that I had to get my son to send my emails for me. I had to keep reminding myself to be ‘steady’ and not lose another blog to cyberspace - I have already lost two because I did not know then how to get back to the two blogs that I created before this one-hence the reminder to myself - ’steady aku’…and 47 is my year of birth.    

Why do I hantam BN, UMNO , Mahathir and Najib most of the time? Well in 50 years UMNO and their coalition partners have much more opportunity to be corrupt, to be arrogant, indulge in cronyism and money politics….though Pakatan Rakyat are catching up fast.

I do not take myself seriously…never ever had. I have been too full of myself at various times of my life when I had position and money whilst I was in KL but today nothing fazes me anymore – not even having no money, no position and nothing else to do but wake up each morning and live life the way that I want. This lack of purpose and direction is exhilarating for me and fills me with a sense of purpose each day – to enjoy what is left of my life with those that I love dearly – my family.

I wish sometimes that I could have maybe just a handful of people who read what I write who would take the trouble to give me their two cents worth on what I write. I somehow think that would be more fulfilling to me than to have those who click’s on ‘steadyaky47’ to see if I had written anything today that would interest them – If not they are in and out of my blog in seconds - like two ships passing in the night.
Why, when I call Melbourne home, do I worry or care about what happens in Malaysia today? To be brutally honest I don’t! I can isolate myself from everything that happens in Malaysia by not powering on my PC. Not much of what happens in Malaysia gets reported in the news over here …so it only through the Net that news and information of happenings in Malaysia reaches me. If I do not power my PC on then ignorance, for me, is bliss. Sometimes I will do that for days because the absurdity of politics in Malaysia tires me out mentally…but only for a few days because curiosity gets the better of me.

We know that change is in the air for Malaysia and I wants to be part of that change – to write about it, to inform about it and to ensure that we do debate about the changes that we need and want, the changes that we must have and the changes whose time have come. By writing about all this, I hope to contribute towards this change that we all aspire to.

If you want some insight into how my mind works…here are my take on some of the politicians we have today.

Najib Tun Razak - an idiot in politics.

Anwar Ibrahim - why say you will leave politics if you lose the election when you do not mean to do so?

Lim Kit Siang – he is to DAP what Mahatir is to UMNO. Time to go.

Muhyiddin – rather keep that idiot as PM than have this idiot take his place.

Mahathir – if only he had used his super power for good rather than for evil!

PAS - do Islam or do politics, you cannot do both.

MCA – if you are prepared to elect CSL as President what does that say about MCA?.

MIC - if they are willing put up with Samy Velu for so long what hope is there for the Indians to get a leader that will work for their common good?

DAP - a Chinese party, a Chinese party, a Chinese Party!   

Azmin Ali - next!

Khalid Ibrahim – a man boy lost in the world of politics but with enough of his own money to not care a damm.

UMNO - a political party that is yet to reach its full potential as a party for all – not just the Malays. 

Malaysian politicians - a cesspool of corrupt self-serving leeches with one common purpose in life – to serve themselves!

And in closing this much I know…..after five years, steadyaku47 is still a work in progress, but it is work that I enjoy doing. Thank for reading what I write and may we have another five years together - for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to enjoy and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.    

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