Thursday 23 January 2014

Behold the Naked Emperor of Putrajaya! All hail Emperor Najib.

Let me say with clarity that whatever the reasoning behind anybody in Malaysia – or for that matter anywhere else in this world -  saying that the ALLAH word is only for Muslims  - whether that someone is from UMNO, from any religious organization, in government, from any NGOs or any f#*king organization that considers themselves sufficiently knowledgeable on matters concerning Islam to say these things – let me say again with clarity that they are wrong!    

The Koran reveled that: “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256)” and so to do otherwise means that you are disobeying the command of ALLAH!

For those who disagree I want to ask them which part of “no compulsion” do they not understand?

The authorities in Malaysia is of the opinion (I wanted to use the word “opine” but the authorities might not understand what I am trying to say as they do not seem to understand what “no compulsion” means!) …As I was saying, the authorities are of the opinion that their reasoning for not allowing non-Muslim to use the term ALLAH is as follows:

“Preventing any confusion that might be caused for Muslims when using the name Allah by the non-Muslims.”

These idiots must have a low opinion of Muslims in Malaysia if they think Muslims are gullible enough to be drawn to other religion just because they use the term ALLAH for God!  
Now who is confused here? Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood that does not allow compulsion on others with regards to anything to do with Islam……is not preventing non-Muslim from using the word ALLAH for God indicates that it is the authorities in Malaysia who are confused?

I am sure the authorities in Malaysia will not take umbrage when I say that those who say that Christians must accept the supremacy of Islam in Malaysia or move to another country are stupid idiots! They will not take umbrage at what I say here because I am certain they do not know what umbrage means….but I digress. Maaf.

There are Christians in Indonesia and over 12 million Christians in the Arabian Peninsula who today use the term ALLAH for their God. Over 400 years ago the term ALLAH was already being used in the Gospel printed in Malaya! 

As a multi racial society we need to be tolerant and understanding of all other religions. For me Christians, Buddhist, Hindu…as long as they are good and decent……should all stand together with Muslims against the forces of evil and against all other humans who wages war, terror, anarchy and destruction upon other humans.     

Who was that idiot who ‘suggested’ to Najib or his government that they can wag the  dog by banning non-Muslim from using the word ALLAH? But more to the point why was Najib and his government idiotic enough to listen to that idiot in the first place? These idiots must think it is easy enough to ram their decision down the throats of Malaysian – especially the non-Muslims…but their problem starts when Muslim in Malaysia starts questioning that decision – as they are doing now! And the shit really hits the fan when Muslims all over the world starts questioning that same idiotic decision made by Najib and the BN government he leads to ban the use of ALLAH by non-Muslims!

What can Putrajaya do against a global audience with global reach fueled by a global media that relishes making fools of Muslim leaders who think themselves Emperor of all that they survey? 

Yes for sure for now that Najib thinks himself Emperor of all that he surveys in Malaysia….but he forgets the tale of the Emperor with no clothes! Soon he will be that naked Emperor parading naked down the boulevards of Putrajaya with his consort – what a sight to behold! God help Emperor Najib, his consort and his advisors for we know that the global audience and many many Malaysians will not!  

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