Thursday 9 January 2014

Tell me what does this guy do for sex?

Tell me what does this guy do for sex? Masturbate? That and what else? How many years has it been since he divorced his second wife? And does not Islam, of which he is head of in Selangor, forbid sex outside marriage? So tell me you religious authorities in Selangor what do you intend to do about this matter? Diam diam sahaja? Close one eye and shut the other? Or do the religious authorities in Selangor believe that he has turn into a Buddhist monk who abstains from pleasures of the flesh…? 

I am not just being a busy body. This guy is a public figure who from time to time makes religious announcement about what Muslim in his state can and cannot do. And his upkeep by the Selangor state government is costing the state big bucks....Rolls Royce included. 

Is it not time that he understand what is expected of him? Decent behavior, no screwing around if the one being screwed is not his wife and start behaving as a Muslim leader should!    

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