Tuesday 7 January 2014

Aisehman ...cut the man some slack lah.......after all he is the CM!

I saw the above picture in a blog online with a scathing comment that Guan Eng  berlagak mengalahkan Raja pulak...nak berpayung bagai !! Come on lah......fair is fair! This is simply a Chief Minister being sheltered from the sun - not with a yellow umbrella, not by a Malay dresses in tanjak and ceremonial gear...but by a Malay who seems to be comfortable with the role he is playing in sheltering his Chief Minister from the sun. Guan Eng is not being garlanded or being saluted or bowed to by anybody. Why make a mountain out of a molehill? Steadylah brother cina or not he is the Chief Minister of a state if you want to hantam him about that new Mercedes no problem! Aku sure support you!

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