Tuesday 7 January 2014


Najib Tun Razak. He failed as a husband to his first wife and three children. And then inexplicably, at a time when because of his pedigree and future promise of a political life full of possibilities that would enabled him to have had the pick of any women of note, he chose a women already married to marry – and we, more than Najib, can now see the wisdom (not) that decision has meant to him as a man and to him as Prime Minister of our nation.

His political trajectory may have been rapid but it lacked luster. Always a follower and never a leader Najib charted a political course remarkable for its lack of moral, ethical and political fiber.  This reached its zenith when he chose to betray the man who took him in as his deputy – Abdullah Badawi.

Once PM he could no longer hide behind Mahathir or Abdullah. The real Najib was out there for all to see and he did not disappoint us!

In his own right he turun padang and started with the odious takeover of Perak from Pakatan Rakyat. It has all the hallmarks of a Najib’s putsch! Corruption, betrayal, sex, money politics, intimidation and underhand shenanigans that was the harbinger of things to come from Najib.

The sad tale of Altantuya shames Tun Razak’s name, embarrasses UMNO, infuriates Malaysians and most pitiful of all, denies justice to Altantuya and her family….not to mention the fool it made of our judiciary.

From there it has been a downhill slide for Najib despite leading the Barisan Coalition to a win over the opposition in the recent May general election. 

The only good thing one can say about this man is that he became Prime Minister of Malaysia – in itself this is an achievement that many coverts but will never attain.

What kind of Prime Minister Najib was is for history to say but his time as Prime Minister so far has been tarnished more than burnished by the things he did not do and the things he did after having been elected as Prime Minister. Deceit, conceit and a total disregard for the common good of Malaysians have been Najib’s work as Prime Minister of Malaysia!

He has promised us much! 

"Once we are able to deliver what is promised and be more transparent and open with others, we will have built a solid foundation for trust," Najib. May 7 2009 (Bernama)

Najib has promised much but he has delivered little. Most Malaysian, and now many in UMNO, has decided that there is just so much that they can stomach of this Najib Tun Razak. 

There is a palpable impatience for change spreading across our nation today. An impatience that grows with intensity with each passing day as our Prime Minister stumbles from one political gaffe to another. No Prime Minister of Malaysia elected or reelected since the first general election in 1964 have had a shorter political honeymoon that Najib Tun Razak.

Just seven months after the May general election of 2013, Najib’s subsidy cuts, higher prices of petrol, sugar, electricity and intra-city toll rates have made a mockery of his populist pledges to “ease the cost of living” made during the campaign of the same general election.

Najib is also clueless as to how to address the many ills that now afflicts our nation and its people – among which are the rising crime rate, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, the ever increasing cost of living, the high number of household in debt and the nation budget deficit.

Instead he wallows in the possibilities that 2020 would bring when 70% of Malaysia’s population would be Malays and Bumiputera – possibilities that promises much of racial and religious prosecution for those who are not Malays and Bumiputeras! Surely a future no decent and right thinking Malaysian would want for our nation and yet one that Najib proudly asserts to be UMNO’s crowning achievement!

What was once a crack in the armor of Najib while he was still the Minister of Defense became a trickle when Altantuya came into the consciousness of many Malaysia. And then it became a stream when Najib moved against Pak Lah in haste to secure the PM’s seat for himself compounded by his odious take over of Perak from the opposition.

That stream has now become a flood about to drown him. The excesses of his wife, his buying of the 13th general election with over RM$50 billion worth of give away and cash outlay that saw no positive or long term returns for our people and our nation did make a difference to the result of the 13th GE but the costs to our nation may be too much for us to bear.

And now his biggest gamble yet – Najib has up the ante to 1Melayu! The use of race and religion to divided and rule not only the non-Malays and the Malays but also to divide and rule the Malays/Muslims amongst themselves. This together with the decision to accentuate the divide between the Shias and the Sunnis will mean that even the Malays will be divided and ruled for Najib’s political gain!

If this is to run its full course as Najib intended then we are well on our way to becoming a pariah nation.

Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaliegh, Ghaffar Baba, Anwar Ibrahim and Pak Lah were casualties of internal leadership battle within UMNO and all were victims, in one way or another of Mahathir’s Machiavelli ways. The departure of Mahathir’s was of his own making influenced no doubt by his own perception that his time was up and his preference to go in his own time rather than be pushed from office. Mahathir had clarity of thought and a sense of what was happening in the world around him. He left before he was pushed.

Not so Najib.

Najib does not have the ability to think outside the box! For Najib whatever he does can only be in relevance to what doing it will do to him. No body else matters but him and all this had its zenith in the manner he conducted himself in the lead up to the 13th general election, during the general election and now in the after math of the general election.

It never occurred to him what would be the consequences of his irresponsible spending and what would happen when he cannot keep the promises he made and now the real Najib is exposed as being a fraud and a sham. And so we have the situation we are in today.

Promises made are not kept. Money spent need to be replenished.
We the people have already voted Najib out in the 13th general election by giving our popular votes to Pakatan Rakyat but the vagaries of our political system kept BN in government. Now what will UMNO do to get Najib out?

What has happened in the past to will give you some idea of what is to come. In all these previous episode of political upheavals Mahathir has always been the catalyst for change. Mahathir is still around and he seems up to acting as a catalyst again – only this time with an eye for the legacy he wants to leave Malaysia with – possible the very last opportunity he would have to do so. If anything this old man will not be rushed or pushed. With Najib he has more to work on that what he had to work on with the others before Najib. Only this time there is two to work on – Najib and Rosmah. 

I will watch the goings on within UMNO with much interest. Alatantuya alone could have toppled any Malaysian politician. The doings of Rosmah would have disgusted enough people to make any Prime Minister resign but Mahathir have not yet made ready a replacement for Najib. The MB of Kedah is still a half-baked politician who will not survive without his father and in Muhyiddin Mahathir does not want to have another Pak Lah.

And so the stage is set for a drama of epic proportions.  Whether UMNO or Barisan Nasional will survive to fight another day after the dust has settled from this last Mahatir’s battle is immaterial to the protagonist! What matters is who is left standing at the end of the battle.

While Najib shit bricks waiting for the call to battle from Mahathir, let is reflect on the next era of politics that will surely come.  Whatever the outcome we can be sure that our will has at last prevailed over the combined political will of BN and PR. We want change and we have change. We want to make a difference to the way politics is done in Malaysia – a two party system effectively policing each other – it is already in place. 

What is left is for the next election to fine tune areas of doubt and uncertainty that are still, for now, the prerogative of the old political guards to decide and influence.  All of these old guards will be gone in five years time. We hope that what will be left is a government elected by the people, for the people and by the people. Amen 

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