Friday 17 January 2014

Terkonang jo Kangkung....

This will be my last posting on this "KANGKUNG" episode/issue/debacle/ (delete what is not applicable)....I know the following song is Oslan Husein singing about his Kampong but just ignore that and substitute 'Kampong" with "Kangkung" ...and imagine what our Najib will be thinking about as the song fades away with "Terkonang jo Kangkung terkonang jo kangkung" how he wish he had never uttered that "kangkung" word.....oh well thats life!

P.S. If I had somehow got the spelling forte is not languages...anyone from Negori can assist with the right spelling? And for you long suffering Malaysians worry not...the weekend will soon be upon us. Do not take life too seriously...just clap along to this jaunty tune and imagine our PM his wife, his cabinet and of course Mahathir, joining in....and spare a thought for me here in Melbourne where the temperature was 41 degrees yesterday and will be 44 degrees today! 

And for the oldies...(that includes you Pak Idrus!) here are the oldies but goodies!

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