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steadyaku47 comment : This is what I wrote of Nazri Aziz in November 2012. Nothing has changed...if anything it is to our advantage that Najib see it fit to keep this bastard within the "elites" of Umno. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cakap cakap...the sad sad case of Nazri Aziz.

“Don’t you think that I am an asset, that there’s an attack on me now? If I’m just an ordinary MP or I’m not important to Umno, you think they’ll attack me? They won’t, right?” he said.

“Azwanddin, I don’t know who he is. I’d be very worried if the president, deputy president or secretary-general of Umno made such comments… But if it’s from a roadside politician from a roadside organisation, I don’t need to be answerable,” 


Most days I ignore what this laggard dim-witted slow, thinking excuse for a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has to say…most days. But there are times when he comes up with gems that I cannot ignore…and thus must ‘hantam’ him! The above two quotes are the latest!

You cannot ignore shit….that is why you flush it down the toilet! And this Nazri Aziz needs to be flushed down the toilet.

How has UMNO leaders descended to this level? What have the Malays done to be blighted by this sad excuse of this so-called leader amongst us? Surely there is enough wisdom within UMNO to understand that the antics of this Nazri does no good to UMNO’s chances in the 13th general elections? It hits UMNO where it hurts most – at the polls!   

Yes we cannot ignore him! Just as we cannot not ignore Hitler, Idi Amin or Mugabe. Murderers all. These are individuals the world would certainly be better without!

Yes we know that UMNO have need of people like him to do their dirty deeds for them but surely even in Bung Mokhtar Radin that MP from Kinabatangan there is enough buffoonery in Bung to give us some comic respite to his idiotic stunts and ‘berani mati’ kamikaze work he does for UMNO!    

This Nazri Aziz has no saving grace! None whatsoever! Aesop did say that the smaller the mind the greater the conceit! Conceit is indeed God’s gift to little men like this Nazri Aziz. Unlike talent that is God given and fame that is man-given, conceit is self-given! And this Nazri Aziz has given himself plenty of it!

He considers himself “important to UMNO!” Ahhh the mendacity of that statement! The political destruction of UMNO will be caused by people like Rosmah, Mahathir, Hishamuddin, Najib and of course, Nazri! These are people that spin, lie, hype or partisan distortion can no longer repair the damage they do to UMNO’s image in the voting public consciousness and in the adverse public opinion generated by their public persona.

Think arrogance and conceit and you think Nazri Aziz.

Think of the worse excesses of the spoil brats/children of UMNO political elites (with questionable entitlements to the status of ‘political elites’) and you think Nazri Aziz.

Think of corruption, deceit and a reprehensible ability to hog the media headline for the worst of reasons and you think of Nazri Aziz.

Think of an Attorney General being used by UMNO to get the Judiciary to dance to UMNO’s tune – you think of Nazri Aziz!        

There is no limit to his arrogance, his deceit and his conceit. But than that is what UMNO has him there for. Papa Doc had his Tonton Macoute to carry out state terrorism through corruption, extortion, torture and murder of its own people.

Saddam Hussien used Mukhabarat as an arm of the State security system and allowed it to use torture and assassination at home and abroad to eliminate Saddam’s perceived opponents.

UMNO has Nazri Aziz.

But truth is stranger than fiction. Nazri may have his delusion of grandeur that he is important to UMNO…but when all is said and done the truth is simply this. He has not been thought of to be important enough, or capable enough by his peers to be given a Ministry of his own.

He is like one of those harmlessly deranged person who insists on riding motorcycles without a helmet (and I wish he would!. Nazri Aziz’s inspired imbecility, real or pretend, is a source of contempt and disgust for us all but in UMNO Nazri’s imbecility flourishes in the belief that his inability to understand his own true self is needed to do UMNO’s dirty work for UMNO. And so this jester is allowed to fester in his self - proclaimed idiotic brilliance against whom all future UMNO fools will be measured against. 

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