Saturday 20 February 2016

Khalid the tweeter twit is a stupid git!

IGP wants an explanation of a photo posted online showing currency symbol and PDRM crest.
steadyaku47 comment :

This twit of an Khalid ni...why is he upset with a photo showing a currency symbol on the PDRM crest?

Everyday his officers and mata mata are asking for money from the public to selasai their traffic infringement!

Everyday his officers are taking bribes from massage parlor operators to allow them to keep serving their clients while the police look the other way.

Prostitutes are paying in cash or in kind to his officers in order to not be harassed while they are soliciting and servicing clients. Just go take a walk down Bukit Bintang and go look yourself  at these things...or are you also getting your cut so that Bukit Bintang also becomes off limits to you?

And you want to call up Muhyiddin son for putting a currency symbol on the PDRM crest?

Today Malaysians spit on the PDRM's crest because your officers and policemen take bribes. I do not know for sure if you can be bribed but you sure are taking instructions from your political masters. And as long as you keep doing so who are you to tell your officers and mata mata not to take "donations" from the public.

You are a piece of s@%t yoursel

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