Thursday 18 February 2016

Woi Zahid...tell your family, daughter included, to just shut up! We know they will all profit from this "durian runtuh." Kebodohan runs in the family ka?

Mohd Firdaus's video.

This idiot of a TPM just does not get it! 

Woi Zahid Hamidi try to understand this simple equation. 

The people of Malaysia do not want another 1.5 million Bangladeshi...or any other foreigner whether they be Indonesians, Filipinos or Banglas (especially Banglas), when there are already millions of illegal immigrants in the country. 

And more you not understand that appointing your brother to handle this "business opportunity" is simply not on? Any idiot with some grey matter will tell you that you, your family or your cronies should not be involved in this "business opportunity" at all......conflict of interest ma!

And if they do, jangan lah  go onto the public domain and complain that you are only making a few sens from each Bangla as that stupid brother of yours did. Kebodohan runs in the family ka?

And tell your family...daughter included, to just shut up and stop making statement to explain or support the need for these Banglas....we know they will all profit from this "durian runtuh." 

And those other idiots "supporting" the bringing in of these Banglas are only being labeled as trying to "cash" in on this "business opportunity" too.

And believe you me Zahid....nothing you say or do will satisfy Malaysians that you are bringing in these Banglas because our country need their "skills"...not when your brother is already counting the ringgits he will make from this deal. 

Now if you cannot figure these things out for yourself then you are a bigger idiot than the one I thought you originally were....and Najib did right in making you his deputy...if takes one idiot to know another one!

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