Sunday 21 February 2016

What will happen to them?

What will happen to these people once Umno are no longer in government? 

For me the most contemptible Malay on the face of Malaysia...or anywhere on the face of this earth.... is  Saiful. He was prepared to prostitute himself to do Najib's bidding! And how he did so fills me with disgust! He might still have the ear of the Prime Minister today but he will know his true fate when we finally catch up with him.....I am against the stoning of any one for any crime...but for this bangsat I am prepared to make an exception....let there not be a place on  this earth for him to hide once we can start looking for him.

This twit of an PIG (Police Inspector General) has by himself brought PDRM into public odium and contempt by the manner he has allowed himself and PDRM to be Umno's running dog. It will take a long time for PDRM to earn the respect of the public again!

And no Chinese is hated more by his own kind that this Reduan....a Muslim convert who has, like Saiful, prostitute himself for personal glory. If the Chinese hate him so much just think what most Malays will do to him once Umno is out of office? 

This is another Chinese guy that has made a fool of ethics and morality in business....truly a hard act even for other Chinese to emulate. By what he has done with our money he has made our nation and our people the laughing stock of the world....and to think that he was able to do so because of the willing assist from Najib and Rosmah blows my mind!

There are many others who will have to watch their backs after the next election is many to list but they know who they are....and I know that each of you will have your own list! For now all we can do is wait....but the wait will be worth it to see these scammer, liars and running dogs get their just desserts!

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