Saturday 20 February 2016

Is Najib so Gulity that Lawyers cannot defend him against WSJ?|By .
steadyaku47 comment: 

Serial killer Ted Bundy's former defense attorney, John Henry Browne, claims Ted Bundy confessed to 'murdering more than 100 people before he was executed in 1989 but he represented Bundy in court.

Hermann Goering, Reichsmarschall and Luftwaffe (Air Force) Chief and Nazi also had a lawyer , Dr Otto Srahmer, defend him in court during the Nuremberg Trails even though his guilt was beyond doubt!
Saddam Hussein had a defense team who risked their life defending him and Saddam Hussein faced the court and his execution with courage.

But not Najib...his lawyer are not prepared to defend him against WSJ! Is he so guilty that there is nothing any lawyers can do to defend him? Actions speak louder than words!    


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