Saturday 27 February 2016

cakap cakap...Pagi Sabtu

8.07 AM :  Selamat Pagi..... Saturday morning and I have already posted two "heavy" posting on WSJ and their take on Najib an his various "questionable" deeds with emphasis on 1MDB and the other on what the people of Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand did to oust their corrupt leaders. 

I know it is Saturday and I know that you would rather read something more "entertaining" to begin the weekend with....and so would I...but these are tiring and troubling times for our people, our country and for our future. We cannot ignore the fact that Najib Razak the primary cause of much that is wrong with our country still woke up this morning in Seri Perdana. He still is undeservedly prime minister of our nation. He still can, in many ways, steal billions from our national coffers.

So use the weekend to plot his political demise....and raising that finger of yours in saute to Najib is no longer enough!

  You need to do more. 
You must do more. 
I will continue to write more...what will you do?   

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