Monday 29 February 2016

cakap cakap Mahathir ....Again that "the enemy of your enemy is my friend" thing?

Mahathir's decision to leave Umno for the second time only echoed what has happened with Onn Jaafar, Tunku, Hussein Onn and to a lesser extent to Ku Li, Musa and Anwar Ibrahim. 

That it was so long in coming was pointed out to me two nights ago when I received a call from KL from one of my long time sahabat who now considers himself a "conditional" Zahid loyalist. Conditional because he was certain that Zahid ascent to the number one position is not certain.  

He asked me when I thought Mahathir would leave Umno? I ventured an opinion that if Mahathir did leave Umno now, would he not be crying "WOLF" once too often? 

In reply, he said, "We wait and see." 

He told me that Zahid did not have consensus within Umno to be DPM. 

It was a "Captain's Call" by Najib to make Zahid DPM. 

A call Najib made reluctantly because he would rather have Hishamuddin watch his back. But between nepotism and having someone who could muster the troops if push comes to shove within Umno, Najib chose pragmatism. But Najib understood that if Zahid is able to muster the troops in support of him, Zahid could also muster the troops against him. That Najib is no fool! 

So my sahabat in KL told me that was why he is a "conditional" loyalist of Zahid because the feeling within Zahid's camp is that their boss will be number one soon but it is not a done deal yet. 

"Who else's" I asked "is campaigning?"

He would not be drawn into putting his two cents worth on this issue because "anything can happen".

Yes Sir!...anything can happen!

Najib is a lame duck President of Umno. His position within Umno is by the grace of those who are financially indebted to him. 

Have you ever had anyone been indebted to you because you loaned them much more money that they can ever repay you with. Sure he is indebted to you ...but does he want you dead or alive? 

The same with those in Umno who are financially indebted to Najib. All of them will heave a sign of "good riddance" once Najib is gone...and the recriminations will start as soon as the new prime minister is put in place. For now, they all wait.

As for Mahathir joining that core group whose objective is to oust Najib...that "the enemy of your enemy is my friend" thing...did we not have the same thing with Pakatan Rakyat? Now where is Pakatan Rakyat today? 

What is more interesting to me is that Mahathir will now join me and many others in our effort to free Anwar Ibrahim. Najib and Saiful be afraid, be very afraid! We all want our pound of flesh from these two and damm if they bleed!

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