Sunday 21 February 2016

cakap cakap...Sometimes I write better when I have music flowing though me...sometimes not.

Sunday 10.35 AM. Sometimes Sunday are languid days passed without doing anything that would make the world a better place. Sometimes Sundays are long lazy days that you intend to spend doing nothing for yourself but to have your love ones do what they want with you. Do what you will and what you want with your is yours and let no one take Sunday from you nor tell you what to do with it.

In my ear is now playing "Cuban High Society (1950) Boleros de Cuba cantan: Eydie Gorme y el Trio Los Panchos"...yes that CD whose link I put on the top right hand front page of my blog.

Sometimes I write better when I have music flowing though me...sometimes not. This are one of those mornings when I want to have music flowing through me as I try to write of what happened yesterday.......

These last week or so my wife and me spend our afternoon resting in our room....with the TV quietly working on my blog and most times, my wife slipping between consciousness and sleep. 

Sometimes I would lie beside her holding on to her hands (as I have said before) more for my comfort than for hers and sometimes I write....rarely do we watch the TV that is on.

Yesterday during one of those moments when she was awake I told her, as I always do, that  "I love her...very much"...she reached out for my face and I swear to you that I saw tears in her eyes....tears, I am sure, of happiness that I am still in love with her. 

We spent a moment looking at each other and then the moment passed. 

I wiped her eyes dry....and then asked her if she would like to do what I know she likes ...listen to those golden oldies. She gave me her thumbs up ....and we spent a good hour listening to those golden oldies....and from time to time I could see her mouthing the words to some of those familiar golden oldies...Elvis, Ricky Nelson, the Platters, Paul Anka, Neil Sedeka.....the years have been good to both of us. Life is good.

As I recalled those moments I had together with my wife yesterday my heart is so grateful that after over five decades together we can still have moments like that....and I can now understand the love my father and mother had for each other....and I miss them more....much much more each day. 

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