Saturday 20 February 2016

Quickies: Churchill, Hitler, Ghandi, Mandela and Najib Razak.

Throughout history world leaders have been remembered as much for the things they did or did not do for their people and the country they led as for the way they have made certain mannerism their own. Churchill, Hitler, Ghandi and Mandela each had their own way of doing this.

Najib Razak is too modest a man to make any mannerism his own..even after many decades in politics. So in honor of what he has achieved in those decades of politics (nothing much really) and what he hopes to achieve in his remaining years in politics (nothing much if you take into consideration what he has achieved so far!) I think that it is up to us to tell him what we think of him. You must remember that Najib Razak is a very busy man so please make it as brief as possible. 

As briefly as I can make it, this is what I think of Najib Razak.

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