Wednesday 17 February 2016

Corruption : You can't be a little pregnant! You are either pregnant or not!

Sometime in the early hours of this Wednesday morning - possibly at around 4.45AM  - the answers to the question that I have been asking myself for so long finally hit me. But I am getting ahead of myself let us back track. 

From the time that Najib grasps the rein of power from Abang Lah in April 2009 I have waited and waited and waited for this son of Tun Razak to become the leader I had thought he was capable of becoming given his pedigree and the grounding he had from the time he became the youngest Member of Parliament ever, the youngest Menteri Besar ever and his political rise and rise through the ranks of public office culminating in his appointment as deputy to Abang Lah after Mahathir left office. 

There have been questions surrounding Najib re his ability to be decisive when it matters and where his loyalties lies when push comes to shove whenever political factions within Umno agree to disagree - as they will usually do from time to time. And then there were the rumours, gossips, controversies and unsavory tales surrounding his wife, Rosmah - but all that became history when he became prime minister in April 2009.  

Since then, and now into his second term as prime minister, Najib Razak has disappoint me...and I am sure a few others too...but clarity hit me at 4.45AM this Wednesday morning.


It hit me when that phrase "You can't be just a little pregnant" drifted through my still sleepy self while I lay in are either pregnant or not!

"It means that the situation that is being described is a binary. It is something that is either IS or ISN'T. Such as is the case when one is pregnant. One either "is" pregnant or "is not", there is no in between or partial pregnancy. It means it is a situation in which there is no ambiguity or no gray area. You can't be "just a little bit" of certain things.
You can't be just a little bit pregnant when you are talking bankruptcy. You can't be just a little bit bankrupt. You are either bankrupt or not bankrupt".

And for Najib Razak and Rosmah...they are either corrupt or not! Again I am getting ahead of myself here...let us back up a bit through time.

That word "corrupt" really came to my consciousness when the iconic Harun Idris was charged and convicted of corruption relating to the Muhammad Ali-Joe Bugner boxing match in Kuala Lumpur in 1975. 

Then there were other corruption related cases involving Anwar Ibrahim, the BMF scandal, the Selangor MB caught carrying more cash than was allowed into Australia...and from then it snow balled culminating in October 2006 with the murder of Altantuya. 

Altantuya was a watershed because her murder could be linked to corruption at the highest level  - directly to the prime minister, Najib Razak.

Which takes me back to that "you can't be just a little bit pregnant" phrase. 

There have always been corruption, money it whatever you want....there has always been corruption among Malaysian politicians and even prime ministers. Mahathir and Abang Lah made their siblings insanely wealthy....but it was all done with that "close one eye nudge nudge wink wink scratch my back" sort of mentality. An "acceptable" perks of political office frown upon by many but one indulged in by many. All done with no overt criminality (well not much anyway!) with some grace and decorum....a few hundred thousands here and there and when the "business" opportunity arises maybe a few hundred millions here and there. A Harley Davidson or a Porsche in the garage, an up market condominium in Bangsar and a mistress or two here and there...and maybe an apartment in London.

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor changed all that. 

Remember again that phrase "you can't be just a little pregnant"...well what Najib Razak and Rosmah did was to embrace the culture of corruption wholeheartedly, without grace, without decorum and without limits. They were doing what Mahathir and Abang lah was doing only better, overtly and with all the resources, political power and gumption at their disposal. And that is where we are at today!

Folks we have a prime minister and a wife who have decided that if there is money to be made in politics...they will make as much as they can, while they can and when ever they can. And damm the consequences!

And that my friends was the thought that struck me when I had my "Eureka"moment at 4.45 AM this morning. Kapish?

These two First Couple have become very good at doing this. They rake in Ringgits by the billions and have set no limits to what they will do and continue to do and what they are prepared to do in their greed for more and more money. Now it is no longer what they need or want the money they are doing it because they can and for the thrill of the money chase...all now in the billions!

Of course Daim, Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Ku Li and the slew of Malays and Malaysians all lined up to do battle with Najib because he is corrupt have also been the recipient of questionable Umno inspired "business opportunities."

Why they begrudge Najib and Rosmah for doing what they did, but only better, is explained by their insistence that they are doing so for the survival of Umno and the good of King, country and countrymen....if you want to believe in such things!  

So go get your teh tarik, a few packets of Kuachi or whatever snacks that strikes your fancy...sit back and enjoy the wayang or sandiwara that is now unfolding within Umno and BN. It will be a show to end all shows and what I hope for is that at the very end of it all.......morality and ethics can start to make their way back into politics and into government. 

For now, those with large armies and deep pockets will rule the roost.

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