Sunday 21 February 2016

cakap cakap...Life.....and then I will go quietly.

This evening I receive the following note from my favorite cousin :

"Hi Bro Really thought my number was up. Back from Mekah on 12Feb and admitted to Kajang hospital for 8 days. My lungs were torn mainly due to smoking thru the years and also by the altitude pressure. Feeling very weak, even taking a bath. Now undergoing treatment. Life has been good and fair. No complains when it ends. Keep going Sein. Cheers to the family".

And what struck me was his line "No complains when it ends".....

How many of us can say that? How many of you can say that their work on this earth is done...dear Lord...come and get me if you must?

This was my reply : 

"Mat...yes we both are in the twilight of our years and as they say time and tide waits for no man....but you got to hang on for a little while because we need to take care of our wives first...they go first and then we go...that way we know that they are taken care of until the keep trucking. It will be okay!"

My father was there to the last for my mother....and my hope is that I too will be there for my wife ......and then I will go quietly.

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