Monday 22 February 2016

cakap cakap....Lights Out.

And now, with as much muted hilarity's as we can muster, we must start saying our long goodbyes to the likes of Rosmah and Najib and their ilk. 

The momentum that seriously started when the Malaysian electorate mandated Anwar Ibrahim as their "preferred" leader in the last election is just about to peak. All of Umno's "rent a crowd" crowd can again loudly voice their voice in support of Rosmah and Najib but it will no longer do any good. Public display of feigned affection lathered liberally with insane amount of ringgits just does not cut it anymore....not when foreign newspaper and foreign governments that do not take instructions from Putrajaya have right of passage to want and get their pound of flesh from corrupt leaders. 

Not when an avalanche of mounting evidence - real or imagined - are being concocted at an amazing pace all over and around you in ever dizzying and dazzling "exposures" that makes even the most trust worthy of your converts question their own sanity and ability to survive should they continue in their support for you. 

Muhyiddin has now opened multiple fronts with which Najib will have to engaged.

Within Umno itself there not only grumblings that threatens to take flight towards the "other side" peopled by the likes of Mahathir and his cohorts but more critical for Najib, there are already "berani mati" Umno members who are prepared to "stand up to be counted" in their opposition to him.

Royalty have not forgotten what was done to them at a time not too long ago when Umno comprehensively relegated them from the Majlis Tertinggi to the Cawangan level. And I am bound to report that there are enough Sultans within their numbers to give any Umno leader reason to thread very carefully when Sultans with big sticks are among their midst and if Najib Razak can be made to suffer for their previous indignities under Mahathir - why not! 

There is a palpable sense of doom surrounding Seri Perdana these days and no amount of bravado or the trappings of office can stave of the inevitable demise of Najib and Rosmah. Dead couple walking. 

The political death of an obnoxious prime minister and his wife is certainly an event worthy of celebration, not only for us but for the world. Other world leaders and newspaper will gloat over Umno's misfortune with their "I told you so" finger wagging exercise over Umno's inability to understand that corruption is certain death for any political party that dabbles in it with as much enthusiasm as Umno does. There will be never ending recriminations by others of our inability to do away with corrupt leaders and more corrupt political parties and questions asked as to what will come after Najib, Rosmah and Umno. 

I think Umno will survive Najib and Rosmah. I want Umno to survive Najib and Rosmah because my affection for Umno has not diminished even in these past three decades since Mahathir took it upon himself to make Umno into his image. 

While all that is bad about the Malays can be found in Umno, all that is good about the Malays can also be found within Umno. Most of the Malays who are of note today had their beginnings within Umno. What I am today as a Malay and a Malaysian now living abroad also had its beginning from within Umno and I have yet to learn to do without Umno. 

If I write about politics and current affairs it has to do with how I want Umno to be. If I think of how our nation, our people and our future could be, I do so in the belief that what we want and aspire to could have been possible under Umno. And so for most Malays we still live in hope that Umno will change....and I am hopeful that change for Umno will start in earnest when the long goodbye for Rosmah and Najib ends.   


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