Sunday 28 February 2016

Muhyiddin : Until he leaves Umno, join our side, tells all he knows about the criminality within Umno he will always be the enemy.

Muhyiddin di gantung jawatan!

Do I care?

Did it kept me awake last night?

Did I choke on my lunch or dinner tonight?

Hell no! This was the same Muhyiddin who did Mahathir's bidding to Anwar Ibrahin and is now on the recieving of the same thing...this time from Najib.

The same Muhyiddin whom Abang Lah thought was a sahabat karib (loyal and trustworthy friend) but was in fact the "musuh dalam selimut" that ultimately caused Abang Lah to resign his post as prime minister.

I know what Muhyiddin did to Abang Lah cut Abang Lah deeply......but Abang Lah is a gracious and forgiving man and politics he can live with or without.

This Muhyiddin is now like a woman scorned. He knows there is no returning to the fold of Umno for he knows as we do, that no DPM in Umno's history has ever survived their fall from grace - not even Anwar Ibrahim. 

For him, like it was for Anwar Ibrahim, if there is to be any political life left to salvage, it will have to be outside Umno.

So what will he do now?

Until he leaves Umno and join OUR side, he is still the enemy. 

Until he tells all that he knows about the criminality of what Umno and Najib Razak has done, he is still our enemy.

And until he leaves Umno, join our side, tells all he knows about the criminality within Umno he will always be the enemy.

He has grown insanely rich on the spoils of his time with Umno. He has also grown lazy, fat and bloated because of Umno. 

And he is not Anwar Ibrahim. 

So do not look towards Muhyiddin to do an "Anwar Ibrahim" burn all his bridges with Umno and start from ground zero

Can you see Muhyiddin leading another sort of "REFORMASI" against Umno? Can you see Muhyiddin not crumbling in the face of possible incarceration as the present regime under Najib digs all the dirt, scams and abuse of public office from the time he was MB of Johor until now? Muhyiddin is anything but a fighter of Anwar's calibre!

So persih that thought if you think that Muhyiddin will do this ...."demand the PM step down ....put aside racial, religious & ideological sentiments and work towards forming a government that is just, trustworthy, and with integrity."   

Like Ku Li, Muhyiddin will not have the stomach for hand to hand combat against those who can punish him as they have punished Anwar Ibrahim....and we must not allow ourselves to be used as pawns for his vested self interest in his fight against Najib Razak.

Until he proves otherwise, he is of no use to us in our fight for a just, trustworthy government with ethics and integrity. 

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