Monday 22 February 2016

Tony Pua...tingkat kan prestasi anda!

steadyaku47 comment : With much reluctance I made myself sit through the 3.44 minutes of this painfully juvenile attempt at scoring political points lampooning an auspicious Chinese New Year greetings aimed at the Chinese electorates by DAP.  

And this Tony Pua sits in PAC? 

Surely we can expect better of people who are among the political elites of the opposition. You would not see the late great Karpal or Aruah Tok Guru descending into the abyss of "if you can's beat them...join them!"

Speaking for inclination is to give the opposition what support I can muster against the corrupt and rampantly arrogant Umno led BN government but it does not extend to being unconditional. DAP may get a few laughs out of this cheap shot of a "Happy New Year" greetings but not many others can find any mirth in it. I did not. 


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