Wednesday 24 February 2016

cakap cakap...The Johor Royals.

I do not know what to make of this current PR blitz by the Johor Royal Family.

For starters it would do Najib a lot of good if his very expensive highly paid do nothing PR team takes time to look, listen and learn from what the Johor Royal Family are now doing.... I mean to see the Sultan turning up in front of your house on a motorcycle is worth much more than pretending to lepak with some football fans!

What we know of the Johor Royal Family in the recent past is not too good. Eccentricities bordering on a sense of entitlement that defies logic and good sense, cruelty to Johorians that is criminal in nature and a murder or they have a lot of baggage to exorcise ...and the present Royal House under Sultan Ibrahim is doing a good job of it.

In these times when politicians have become the butt of "donations" jokes and have in more ways than one become sultans themselves - the rakyat are hungry for leaders who will lead by example and loudly voice their concern that justice and good governance will prevail over the excesses of Umno. Those concerns are being voiced, if not addressed, by some Sultans - and this Sultan of Johor, Kelantan and to a lesser extent Perak, are leading the charge.

But for what purpose?

Is it out of genuine concern for the welfare of the people and the sorry state of all things Malaysians?

Or is all this a way of exerting their "rights" as Sultan and take back from Umno what Umno have taken away from them many years back when Mahathir was King?

At the risk of being challenged by Johorians and their ilk to respect their Sultan who they consider really do care for the welfare of his subjects, I will go no further than say "My respect for Tuanku Sultan Johor".     

But the true tests is what they do when nobody is watching. 

What do they do when nobody else is watching? Do they plot and deliberately go do what they know will win them accolades from the people of Johor and Malaysia? Eat at a restaurant, ride a motor cycle, pray among them without fanfare and make the right noises about good governance and doing what is best for the people of Johor because this is what they know the people want them to do? 

Or will they dig deep into their own deep pockets and spend their time, effort and money on the needs of the needy in Johor? Not in the sums of hundreds of thousands but in the millions that they themselves tells us that they have?

I see that some of the things they do is to contrived...too well "made for the camera" to be able to convince me that all that they do now is just not a "show"....but at least they are trying.|By Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim

Umno is now too preoccupied fighting for their political survival on too many fronts to want to put the Sultan of Johor and his family, or for that matter any other Sultan, in their place. 

And their place is really an anachronism of a long gone past that no longer has a place in the world that we live in. So for me if the Sultan of Johor wants to walk his talk....he must turun padang and fight Umno as we are fighting them....through the ballot box. Anything else, like what Mahathir and his band of merry men are doing in trying to oust that tyrant Najib Razak, is self serving.

End of story.

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