Sunday 18 March 2018


Tun Dr Mahathir is in the fight of his life and for his life. Literally. The man is a Doctor and he, better then anyone else, understand that what he is now doing is not what a 92 year old man, however fit he may be, wants to do if he is to live to a ripe old age. 

At 92 he is in the fight of his life because nothing that he has done before in his life and everything that he has done before in his life till now, will count for much if he does not win this fight of his life. GE 14 is the Holy Grail of Tun's life. If he again becomes Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun will have the opportunity to make right all that has gone wrong in the twenty two years that he has been Prime Minister of Malaysia. Please note that I have taken pains to state "what has gone wrong in the twenty two years that he has been PM" not "what he has done wrong in the twenty two years that he has been PM".   

Some of you will say that Tun has failed as a prime minister because he consolidated too much power in his hands. How you can you say Tun has failed? Is that not what he set out to do and succeeded in doing? So he has not failed. He wanted that power in his hands so that he could proceed to do the things he wanted to do for Malaysia. Not for himself but for Malaysia. That others came along after him and abused that power for personal gain should be attributed to greed and the inability of these leaders to understand their responsibility to king and country...not to what Mahathir did. Mahathir has succeeded in everything he set out to do while he was PM...the devil are in the details...and that relates to whether what Tun succeeded so well in doing, is good of bad for Malaysia. Let history pass judgement on that. 

And that is why I say that Tun Dr Mahathir is in the fight of his life and is in the fight for his life. His wife knows this. His children knows this. And so they are quiet as Tun goes into battle against an Umno he once loved, against the very people he was once president of and against all that Mr and Mrs Idiot and their cohorts can, and will throw at him, to try and deny him victory in his last battle.

But why are we allowing this 92 year old man to fight our battle for us? If you do not know the answer to that questions now, then you will never know ever.

Let me begin by saying what is in many of our hearts.

There is a rampaging mad man in Seri Perdana that needs to be contained. There is a pox upon us all that needs to be lanced and then tended to. There is a dedak infested Ogre of immense evil that must be destroyed. There is now within our nation, within our government and within all that is Malaysian, a toxic virus that threatens the very foundation of all that is still left standing within our country after six decades of umno rule ...and the only thing of value and grace that is still left in Malaysia today, is it's people ....and Tun.

But Tun is not alone in his last battle. 

Without Lim Kit Siang he is alone. Without Pakatan Harapan he will not succeed. Without and me....Tun knows that the battle against BN is lost even before it begins. And that is why I say that the only thing that is of value left in Malaysia today is us and Tun.

Now what are we against?

Vast wealth and power! Not policies, not good governance, not a well oiled, effective and capable BN electioneering organisation...but vast wealth and power. RM2.6 billion is a fraction of the vast wealth that the Idiot has. PDRM, the AG and the other government functionaries is power. But his power is not absolute and all his vast wealth cannot content with greed. Greed will eventually kill the very people it builds.

So what else? What are the other myths that surrounds Umno that we need to dismantle?

Myth 1 : The Malays will give their votes to Umno.
Outside the corridors of PWTC and in the rabid company of Jamal Jamban's red shirt, have you met decent Malays who will stand up and with hand on their hearts, tell all within hearing distance, that they are umno Malays? None will. In the rural areas where Umno says they have their vote banks...what has happened to FELDA  has  decimated umno's rural support so much so that any Mahathir's visit to any rural outpost, will bring these Malay out by the thousands to greet him. 

Myth 2. The Chinese will give their votes to BN.  
To ensure continuity so that they can go on doing business as usual it is said that the Chinese will give their votes to BN. Huh!. The Chinese have deserted MCA and Gerakan like the plague. MCA and Gerakan's loss is DAP 's gain. DAP is with PH.  

Myth 3. Islam will perish if Umno perish.
Perish that thought! The "dedaking" of PAS by umno has surely kill any hope that Umno and PAS has to use the Islam card as its crutch as they hobble their way towards GE14. After GE 14 PAS will once again be relegated to what it once was and will be for the foreseeable future - a political party consigned to the backwaters of the East Coast....that is if they do not lose even that "backwaters" in GE 14.  

Myth 4 : Pakatan Harapan is in turmoil
Tun Dr Mahathir, we are told, will not be able to hold PH together should PH wins GE 14. How long did it take to get PH together? PH is being denied registration by ROS. Does that refusal make PH stronger or weaker? Do you see any dissent within PH to the policies and GE14 manifesto they recently announced? To the appointment of Mahathir as PM designate? Discard those rantings by Najib and BN. All is good and well with PH. 

Myth 4 : PAS is the spoiler in GE 14. 
PAS going to bed with umno will ensure that the Malay votes will be split in Umno's favour. In truth it is PAS that have much to fear about the possibility of defeat in its own state - Kelantan. 

Myth 5 : Malaysians concerns for Inflation, corruption and job opportunities will secure PH victory. 
Do still come out to vote for PH  for victory is never certain until the final votes are tallied and secure. It will be a close election and every vote is needed to get PH across the finishing line and start the process of change. Change to the Malaysia we aspire to. Change for the people, by the people and of the people.

Finally there is one other thing that the Idiot and his gang dreads. One thing that they will not expect us to do after over six decades of lording it over us. They do not expect us to fight back! This we must do if PH is to win government. FIGHT BACK!

If there is any attempt to take away your right to cast your votes any way you want : FIGHT BACK.

If there is any attempt by BN to win back an election it is losing. FIGHT BACK.

If this umno led BN regime wants to impose any other form of government other that that decided by the majority of Malaysian through the vote they cast in GE 14....FIGHT BACK.


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