Friday 23 March 2018

Clarity of Purpose.

Let Umno think what they want. Let them do their worst. Let Najib think that cash is King and he being the man with billions in his bank account, is the King. Let those in Umno do their worst to the opposition, to the Chinese, to the Christians and to anyone else they care to do their worst to.
But this we know.....they cannot block every blog that tells our people that these Umno and BN leaders are pillaging and plundering their country. They cannot prevent every Malaysian from thinking, wanting and doing what is best for themselves and for their country.They cannot bludgeon every demonstrators and every protestors that dares to stand against the might of this odious corrupt government, into submission. They cannot detain, arrest and incarcerate every dissident, every anti government activists and opposition politician that stands in their way of governing this nation of ours for their own financial gain and political advantage. There are just too many of us to do all that to. 
And when the next general election is upon us, there is nothing they can do to stop our people from voting to eject them out of government and out of our lives.
For all that they now control, for all the money that they have and for all the political will that they can muster to hold on to political power at all costs, and by whatever means, legal or otherwise....what they cannot teach themselves and those who are with them, is courage!
Courage to face those who are against them when the odds are not in their favour. Courage to stand up for what they believe in if they think they will lose what they have. And of course they cannot teach their people to have the courage to do what the opposition have been doing all these years....persevere and continue to fight for what they think is matter the odds.
And with courage we must also have clarity of purpose. We want to rid ourselves of Mr and Mrs Idiot. We want the umno led BN to lose government. We want to take our country back for ourselves.

Everything else can wait!
Remember....Them and US....the momentum is with US!

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