Wednesday 21 March 2018

Thieves and Robbers in Seri Perdana!

To those of you who are trying to make some sense of what Barisan Nasional is now doing in the name of government, let me try to spell it out for you in words that are clear and not about to be lost in translation by those in government, by those in the opposition, by those who makes it their business to give their two cents worth of "events" happening in this part of the world...or by anyone else who wants to have their say on this matter.
In Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor, we have a husband and wife team in Seri Perdana who steals from the people of the country they lead...well it would be more right to say that it is Najib Razak that is prime minister of Malaysia but Rosmah Mansor leads Najib Razak!
Can we, for just a moment, try and understand what it is that I have just said.
Our prime minister, Najib Razak, steals from the Rakyat. His wife, Rosmah Mansor lead her husband quite like the farmer who leads his animals around by virtue of that rope he has tied to the nose ring in the animal nostrils!
And why does Najib Razak allows his wife to do this?
In the past, he has been a horny naughty boy. Rosmah simply caught him out too many times sowing his wild oats liberally and after she had kumpul enough "evidence"of Najib's philandering......enough evidence to literally destroy his political career....she made if clear to him that he is to do as he is told by her .....or else! 
And God, in all his wisdom, has seen it fit to bestow upon these two, one of his curse: that of GREED.
Now, if any of you still cannot understand what those two in Seri Perdana are now doing to satisfy that greed at OUR expense, then it is not because you do not understand what it is that I have just do understand what these thieving couple in Seri Perdana are doing...and you want some part of that greed to be thrown your way.
Do not pity this henpecked Najib Razak! He knows what he has done, what he is doing and what will happen to him once he is no longer prime minister. He is caught in circumstances that he knows he himself is to be blamed. He does not have the guts nor the balls to do anything to redeem himself in the eyes of the people that have elected him to government, his peers or his wife. All that is left for this Najib is to be thrown out of office once Umno is done with him.....because it is only Umno that is now keeping Najib's head above water...and how long can Umno keep it's own head above water when Umno itself is drowning in a sea of money politics, corruption and that most odious of mantra "CASH IS KING!" 
And what of the Flying Hippo?
When you are 65 years old and all that you have is money to keep you company, money to buy you happiness, money for your husband and constant companion, money to make you think that you are beautiful, money to make you think that your Hermes Bags, RM$1500 hairstyles and the millions spent on clothes and cosmetics makes you look like a super model.....then you have a problem.....go look in the mirror again and see yourself for what you really are :
For us all....the stars have somehow aligned to impose upon us all a corrupt husband and wife team in Seri Perdana, a government dominated by Umno that sees in these two an extension of what politics in Umno has always tended to be about : CASH CASH CASH!
All that is left for us to do now is to do what is needed to do to quicken the process of getting rid of these two from our midst. Once that is done we Malays can then turn our attention to Umno! And if you are a Malay able to think for yourself...then like me, you will know that the fear of ALLAH must be put into Umno.....for when all is said and done, as always, the Malays will look towards the heaven and beseech ALLAH to do what is right for them. ALLAHUAKBAR!

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