Tuesday 27 March 2018


All you netizens out aware that you now face 10 year in prison for writing Fake News. I, for one, will patoh to this latest directive by this Najib government starting NOW. 
Najib Razak is married to Rosmah Mansor. How many times Rosmah has been married before she married Najib is not clear but suffice to say that people are still wondering how the son of a former prime minister of Malaysia ended up marrying second or third hand (maybe more???) goods?As the Malays are fond of saying..."sudah pakai punya barang".
Najib used to frequent massage parlours from a very young age - from the time he started work in Petronas. Whether he did so during office hours or lunch hours is unclear. Whether he has stopped doing so or not is also unclear but I think common sense tells us that going to massage parlours in Bukit Bintang with a massive security detail tailing you would be a tad difficult to do....but you never know...when there is a will there is a way.
What he was doing in Port Dickson many years back is also unclear but it has been said that he went there for more then a holiday. This matter has been the subject of debates and conjectures for many many decades. It does not help matters that Najib has neither confirm nor deny that anything did happen in Port Dickson. 
There is also another matter that Najib needs to clear up so that if it is "Fake News" then whoever is telling it can be imprison for ten years...and this is the matter of his education or the lack of it. Did he or did he not get his degree in whatever it is he says he has a degree in? Tolong sikit brother...please clarify.
to be continued.
Please remember "NO MORE FAKE NEWS!"
And yes...I forgot...Selamat Pagi Malaysia!
The Malaysian law would punish "fake news" spreaders with up to 10 years in prison, and it could suppress reporting on a political scandal involving Prime…

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