Saturday 24 March 2018

cakap cakap ...Saturday morning.

7.54 am. Saturday 24th March 2018 : cakap cakap...i would like to say thank you to many of you who have sent me stuff that has helped me immensely in making this FB page interesting, entertaining (I hope) and informative. This FB page is never about I, me or myself. What I try to do here is to articulate your thoughts, your ideals, your aspirations and at times your anger and frustrations of the way things are in our country today. So if you read what I write and think that that is how you feel about an issue you can be rest assured that that was not by accident...from the messages and comments you send me, I try to gauge the message you want to put across to the powers that be...and if those messages resonates with mine...and more often then not they do...then I write it and have it posted on this FB and on my blog steadyaku47.
Increasingly I give more and more of this FB to you guys while I take a back seat and just write. Of course I take responsibility for everything that is posted here. I choose what to post and I decide how to manage the information, data and heaps and heaps of "news" that you guys send to me. ...and i do so well aware that we are all in this together.
And now let me share with you a story...
Let me tell you a story about an old man who lived in a small village somewhere that does not matter. It all began when the man’s sons came to him and told him that some people from the neighbouring village had stolen a chicken from their farm. The old man told his sons to go after the thieves and recover the chicken.
The sons said, “Father, it’s only one chicken. We have hundreds of chicken. One won’t make a difference.” The old man said, “Do what you please.”
A few days later, the thieves stole a goat. Once again the old man told his sons to not let them get away with it. The sons said that they have dozens of goats and it’s not worth the trouble. The next week it was a horse. Once again the sons rationalised it away saying that they still had six horses that the farm needs.
Finally, the next week the sons came back to report to the old man and said, “Father, our sister has been abducted. What shall we do?” The old man said, “It’s too late. You should have recovered the chicken. Now there’s nothing you can do.”
so my friends "they" have yet too steal your sister...but they have already stole your chicken, your goat and your horse. Do you not think you should now act before anything else is stolen? 
Vote Pakatan Harapan...

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