Friday 30 March 2018

cakap cakap..Fake News

cakap cakap...Malaysia has taken the "Fake News" initiative from Donald Trump. Once again this BN gomen under the Idiot is left with egg on it's face because by passing the Fake News legislation, this gomen has signalled it's intent to be less then tolerant of anyone who is critical of the manner it does government.
But like the perennial bully, this BN gomen is selective in who it will persecute and prosecute for spreading Fake News. How so?
Has not Tun Dr Mahathir been telling any one who will listen, that Najib Razak is a thief? Has not Mahyuddin and Kit Siang been doing the same thing? Why have not these three been arrested by PDRM? The same PDRM whose CID Chief had over RM1 million of his money seized in Australia on suspicion that they were the proceeds of crime and or money laundering. 
Has it got to do with the fact that if Mahathir, kit Siang or Mahyuddin were to be arrested for spreading Fake News it is as good as making them martyrs for the opposition and give the opposition a massive advantage going into the 14th GE?
Or is it because those three were telling the truth about the Idiot? 
These Idiots in BN should think carefully about doing things that may cut them both ways. This Fake News legislation will only make them out to be fools in the eyes of countries that look upon these kinds of Laws to be counterproductive to the spread of democracy in the civilised world while at the same time make them question the rationale behind BN's insistence in enacting such an smacks of intolerance and a thin skin to any attempts by its own people to voice opinion critical of the government in Putrajaya. 
Most governments and people in the civilised world has long moved past those times many many years ago.

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