Wednesday 28 March 2018

Port Dickson.

Najib's government does not want any Fake News. Nor do we, the Rakyat. So let me kick of this "NO FAKE NEWS" era with this story of what really happened in Port Dickson. 
  • Mahathir  was Prime Minister.
  • Anwar Ibrahim was DPM.
  • Abu Talib Osman was AG.
  • Najib Razak : before he was Minister of Defence. 
  • The girl was a Chinese from Cheras and not Ziana Zain.
  • The incident happened in Port Dickson.

Mahathir was on annual leave and Anwar Ibrahim was acting PM when the then AG, Abu Talib Osman was informed of a "situation" in Port Dickson where Najib Razak, the son of a former Prime Minister, was being detained by the Negri Sembilan Religious authorities after he was caught in close proximity with a lady who was not his wife in a seaside condominium.

Abu Talib Osman decided to call Mahathir (instead of Anwar Ibrahim who was then acting PM) to informed him that Najib Razak had been detained by the religious authorities in Port Dickson for Khalwat.  Mahathir instructed the AG to bring Najib Razak to Bukit Aman and then to call him and he would then deal with the matter.

The AG called the Negri Sembilan DPP at home, just after midnight, and instructed him to go down to Port Dickson to handle the matter with the religious authorities and then bring Najib Razak to Bukit Aman as instructed by Mahathir.

The DPP arrived in Port Dickson at around 1.30 am and was greeted by the sight of Najib Razak sitting on a sofa without a shirt with a pretty Chinese girl. The girl was crying and begged the DPP to be released. The DPP instructed one of the two police officers who accompanied him there to take the girl home to Cheras and instructed the officer to call him to confirmed that she was safely home in Cheras once he had done so. When asked, the girl informed the DPP that it was not the first time that she had been with Najib Razak. 

Najib Razak was visibly shaken. He was instructed by the DPP to put on his shirt, and as instructed by the AG, the DPP took Najib Razak to Bukit Aman where the AG was waiting for them. Upon their arrival at Bukit Aman, The AG called Mahathir. The DPP was privy to a conference call between Mahathir, the AG and Najib Razak in which Najib got the shelling of his life from Mahathir. 

It was decided that no file would be opened on the case and that Najib was to personally deal with any matters that would arise from the situation without the PMO or the AG being involved. 

A few days later, at an event he attended, Najib Razak was asked by a reporter about the alleged incident that had happened in PD. Najib denied that there was any such incident and  insisted he was in PD having coffee with an old friend, Ziana Zain.

A few days later, Ziana Zain was asked about the alleged coffee she had with Najib. She denied being there and said that she did not know Najib and was not there with him on that day.

A total news blackout was instructed by the powers that be on the incident and nothing else was reported in the media. 

The DPP eventually became the Custom Chief in Perak and resigned  in 2009. He now has a prawn business in Perak. He was involved in the prosecution of Joseph Pairin Kitingan when he was charged with corruption in January 1991.      

End of story.

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