Thursday 29 March 2018


Do not, even for a moment, pause in our belief that we can take back our beloved Malaysia from BN. Do not even think it is not possible. We have already put the fear of God into them...and now they are all running around like headless chooks trying to figure out if they can somehow still survive....HOW CAN THE CHOOK SURVIVE WHEN IT'S HEAD IS ALREADY CHOPPED OFF...and so it is with can BN survive when it has got as it head, that Idiot!
Would you follow that Idiot anywhere? Even for a free meal? Even if he promised you the Earth, the Sun and the Moon? Huh! That Idiot is the only thing that stands between BN and Oblivion...and that is like saying that there was hope for Najib when Mahathir, Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim got togather to fight the good fight against him!!! Sure die standing one!
We know that Najib has already given up the fight for GE14. What is pushing him to keep fighting a war he has already lost, is Semah. She is doing the fighting for him. She is mustering the troops with black magic, threats and money...lots and lots of try and win back an election BN has already lost. But here is the thing with Greed and those DedaK Infested BN politicians and their cohorts....THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH DEDAK TO SATISFY soon there will come a time when Semah and that husband of hers, will have to say...enough...time to save our own fat self and get out while we still can with what we still have...and what they still have are billions stashed away in parts unknown all over the globe. 
Each and everyone of you must go and rally our troops to make that final push towards Putrajaya. We are in the final ten yards of the race....a race we will win if we can only maintain the momentum we now already have! 

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