Friday 23 March 2018

The Prof in the Green Shirt and Tun Dr Mahathir

Today, tomorrow and maybe even to early next week...all you guys are going to have the ROTFL sessions as you go over and over again the suffering of the Prof in the green shirt as Tun Dr Mahathir walked into that Dewan and into history! Just think about it...Tun Mahathir walking into a discussions where they are discussing whether Tun is too old to be that not a classic or what!!! This Tun Mahathir has got a wicked and mean sense of humour that I do not want to be at the end of!
And that Prof in the green short is so flabbergasted that he forgot to stand up in respect of a 92 year old man and forgot to take off his head set AFTER the forum when taking group pic with is he going to live all this own? Malu lah!
The good part for him is that he is now part of history. Malaysian history. The bad part is simply this...Mat Maslan and that Bung from Kinabatangan is also part of Malaysian history...all three of you have given many many Malaysians the same good time that I have had when watching Abbott and Costello or Laurel and three are the cartoon characters that even my grandchildren will be talking about and asking their parents...."did these people exists during Tok' time"...and if I am still alive then...I will go power my MAC and show them where in my blog these idiots have been highlighted during those days when their Tok was a blogger!
Speaking for myself....if you want to have any idea how I reacted in the last few seconds of the video when Tun Mahathir gave a withering stare at the Prof in the green is how I felt....

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