Friday 23 March 2018

Empty Vessels....

Oh dear...that guy on Tun's right, is getting that "did you wet your trousers" look from Tun...and I think he just did wee in his pants! It reminds me of that "berani mati" minister who had to bow down and kiss the hand of that Sultan down South. It reminded me of that time when Semah was gushing to all of us about the call from their good friend, Trump to Mr Idiot...and then that let down when Trump ignored them at some dinner function they both attended. All these people made fools of themselves by their empty bravado and empty trash talk and they are all soon exposed for what we know them to be...empty vessels...and you know what they say about empty vessels...!!!!
Not Tun Dr Mahathir. Cakap serupa bikin. You want to talk about him being too old to be Prime Minister. at can do so.... but tell it to his face....and you can see what becomes of people whose cakap bukan serupa don't have to look far...that guy (yes I know his name and I know who he is....but all he deserves is to be referred to is as "that guy")...that guy to Tun's right is the definition of that much repeated phrase.... "cakap bukan serupa bikini" .
Now imagine what would happen if that Idiot comes face to face with Tun??? For a start he better be wearing Pampers....not those cheap ones...but one of those heavy duty maximum absorbent types that will hold all the pee that this Idiot is bound to discharge when he comes face to face with Tun!!! Amen to Tun!

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