Saturday 24 March 2018

Alfatihah : Raja Hashim

15 hrs · Kajang, Malaysia · 
Assalamualaikum. Dimaklumkan bapa saya, Raja Mohd Hashim telah meninggal dunia di rumah Bandar Seri Putra sebentar tadi.
no 11, jalan seri putra 3/R, D'sentral, bandar seri putra, 43000 kajang
Dijangka dikebumikan sebelum maghrib di tanah perkuburan bandar seri putra ( belakang petronas bandar seri putra)
Boleh hubung saya di 012-6224277 (Raja Azlan Shah)

Friday, 2 December 2016:
Raja Hashim : "Malay rights" destroyed by corrupt Umno leaders.
Raja Hashim says : 

Can DAP rule this country in the 1st place? Is this Malay country or chinese country? What is the ratio like? How can DAP rule the country when we have PKR, Amanah, Pribumi in the platform? DAP is an associated member of PAKATAN similar to MCA and MIC to BN. This goon is frightening the Malays that they will lose their privileges if UMNO lose. As far as I know, Malays had already lost their battle to control the economy thanks to the BN government who gave mega projects to the Chinese to become rich. Its not the Chinese fault if the Malays was lazy and refused to work hard but prefer to give projects to Chinese for easy money. If the UMNO was concerned about the Malays, they should have educated, trained the Malays to go into business ventures that can control the economy. What I am referring to is the businesses that drive the growth of the nation etc Tyre Shops, Car Repair shops, Spare Parts shops, Machinery shops,Building materials shops,Photo Shops, Phone shops, Car towing, Car Showroom, Import Export Company, Developers etc. The Chinese saw the potential in the market, took over, work hard and established themselves as the prime mover of the nation's economic growth. Is that their fault? No...its the greedy UMNO leaders who want the Malays to be stupid and stay stupid so that they can control them forever by giving handouts. I don't know what rights of the Malays are they talking about when the rights of the Malays had been destroyed by UMNO itself. UMNO leaders can't even run a GLC effectively running into huge losses, mostly due to corruption practices. So what they can do for the Malays when they are busy pocketing themselves the nation's wealth? Enough is enough, don't fall for the dirty emotion tactics by the UMNO leaders.
The day I drive out of my place and see a Kedai Perabut Najib, Kedai Spare Part Rosma, Kedai Tyre Zahidi, Kedai Electrik Mazlan, Kedai Barangan Pembinaan Khairy, Pemaju Pembangunan Nasri & Co. all over the streets and towns, then I say Malays are in control of the economy, else keep your bullshit to yourselves, you UMNO leaders!!!

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