Wednesday 28 March 2018


Hi..12.12 am Early Wednesday morning. My routine has changed these past few days. My dear wife insist that I am in bed with her before she falls asleep....falling asleep may take 20 mins or two hours...and when it takes two hours, I invariably fall asleep with her. And that is one of the reasons my work load has considerable slacken these past few days. 
We, my son and me, are having a debate between getting another decent wheel chair for her to ensure that she is well supported in the chair when we take her out of the house or doing renovations to the bathroom so that we can have a shower installed so that we do not have to lift her into the bath. With the shower we can just wheel her into the shower area and give her a bath in the wheel chair and wheel her out again when we finish. It is either have both will be too financially challenging. Like everyone else...we adjust to life realities.
Just a short note to explain my current status. My wife is asleep and I am going to make myself a cup of coffee and see if I can write some more...or go to sleep. Life is good.

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