Thursday 22 March 2018

The famous blogger and me!

It is now 6 pm. Thursday. And I have just finished lunch....yes lunch. I have been occupied with blogging and facebook matters until around noon...then out to the Supermarket to do some grocery shopping and then did some errands...came back had a shower and then lunch at my desk while going though what has transpired on steadyaku47 blog and also at my Facebook.

All was good until I saw a message from that trouble maker...Rasid Harun. Yes lah...this Rasid is bad news for me!!! Why? Every time Rasid sends anything to me I know I will have work to do. He sends me a lead to a story that needs telling or require a comment from me ....and that means "work" for me...and this time the same thing also. This is what Rasid sends me!

RPK published.

Yes lah we all know this famous blogger, a Raja even, based in London. If Rasid sends me a link I better read it...even though I have not gone to this famous blogger blog for a long long long time. 

First line of that blogger article already had a "Hussein"... surely that cannot be me. I am not as famous as those people recognised by just the one Trump or Madonna and this blogger knows that I am not as famous as he who is this "Hussein" he is writing about?

Read a few more lines and I was gobsmacked! It said "Australian blogger Hussein Abdul Hamid posted the following in his blog today" this blogger is talking about me ...again! And so I read what he wrote and basically this blogger is calling me a stupid idiot. which sounds about right because it takes one idiot to know another idiot. Which Idiot is more stupid is for you guys to decide but this blogger is a work of art in as far as stupid works are concern. I do not agree with the description that "he is a work of art in as far as stupid  is concern"...but then who am I to argue with the many many Malaysians who think that he is? What is my opinion against he other thousands?

Anyway this is not the first time he is writing about me...and as always I will respond. If my memory serves me right...I don't write anything good or bad about this blogger...he writes about me and then I respond...and of course when I respond must hantam him a bit lah.

So as I told you before...this Rasid is a troublemaker. Now I got to do some research and see what I can hantam this blogger with...if Rasid did not send me the link, I will be relaxing with a Nescafe after my late lunch and relax aja. You have to give me som time to respond to this blogger hantaming me...but I think I can also hantam him you guys have to wait and see what I will write about this blogger sometime this evening...I hope.

And Rasid...thanks for nothing!!!   

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